Yasooh Gudbuoy, Young Talent


QN: .Many know you as Yasooh Gudbuoy,what is your real name and which part of the county do you come from?

Yasooh Gudbouy is my Stage name, Am known as Yassin Abdulkadir from Marsabit County, Saku Constituency.

 Qn: Give us a brief educational background and the reason why you chose to follow the lane of music?

 I completed my class 8 level in the year 2011 at St.Johns Primary School, Marsabit and later Joined Kangaru High School in Embu in 2012. Later I transferred to Shiners High School, Nakuru in 2014 where i did KCSE examinations in 2015. I certainly chose the lane of music because its my passion to write, record and listen to music since childhood. It’s what i love most and i have made it my career in future.

Qn: When did you start singing? How did you recognize that you have a talent in music?

Well I’ve been singing since childhood though I realized my potential in 2013 when i was in form 2 after I went to a funky in my school where I participated in rap battle with my friends and emerged the best. Later during the holiday is when my friends from Nairobi invited me over to a studio and we started recording the music we wrote at school.

Qn: You must have been mad for music when you were in High school. Did you face any challenge from your parents or teachers?

Yes I faced a lot of challenges especially from my parents because they are muslims and they felt it to be a Sin and Shame for their son to be singing as it betrayed there upbringing.

And for my teachers, they only wanted me to focus on my education thinking music is something to be done after school not in the school


Qn: But you’ve finally emerged a victor in the midst of the storm.How did you deal with those challenges?


I stood firm and convinced my parents that music is also a career like any other and i continued producing more tracks with my pocket money which they found it as a commitment from my side.

Now they support me and with their help I’ve produced more track and went to more shows out there.

And for the teachers they gave me opportunity and time to do my studies and concentrate on my music during my free time which has made me who I am today

Qn: Wow that is wonderful, according to you,does music pay?

Sure, it really pays good. Through the Internet like: Mdundo,Soundcloud and Youtube. Then Concerts,Selling Discs, Your Awareness also can make you being payed,like a musician can also do modelling for a certain industry

 Qn: You said that you were singing since childhood, may be,is this musical talent in your family lineage?

 Yezzure i’ve been singing since childhood but singing is not in my family lineage i think its just a God Given Talent to me though my Mum loves singing and can compose something if she gets an opportunity

 Qn: Which famous musician do you admire? Why?

Locally i Admire Khaligraph Jones because his lyrics are meaningful and they pass me lotsa messages but Internationally i Admire Tyga from Los Angeles,California because of his outstanding performance and his background of music.


 Qn: Do you have a mentor? Who? Which important musical knowledge did you learn from him/her?

Yes i do. My mentor is my Producer,Cosmic. He supports me in everyway he can like he can do me a track even if i have no cash he sends the track to me after its produced and i pay him later when i get some cash. He gives me hope and tells me that people come out of nowhere and end up to be somewhere better later in future. He corrects my lyrical and vocal mistakes thats why i believe in my music more now

 Qn: You are from a very conservative society full of traditionalists and religious people. Some may view the pictures in ”Melody” as shocking and dreadful. Focusing on the society, what is your opinion towards the controversial video?

 Hahaha.. My music is all about my personality,what is seen in the video is all what is happening around the world and things change so we have to change with time… There are two people in life in life:Those who see the Positive and the Negative. As long as my conscious is clear the fact remains this videos aren’t reality but just acting.

 Qn: Do you have stage fright/ get nervous before a performance or a competition?

Not all. I learned to overcome the stage fright when i was in highschool.. Besides performing i also enjoy the crowd ?

 Qn: Your degree of recognition is already increasing at an alarming rate,where do you see yourself in the near future?

 Well i see myself at an International level. Thats my dream,,to do tracks with International Artists like:Tyga and Chrisbrown. I know my dreams are valid and after Hiting Nationally i’ll definately make it International.

 Qn: Did old local musicians from Marsabit County inpire you in any way?

Yes ofcourse.

The late Abdullahi Jirma used to be a legend and apart from entertainment his music sends message of real life experience. Like “Mirga Bita Lalan,Wan Beni Kes Jiru” Which was sung 20yrs ago and we are experiencing its effect now

 Qn: Our local musicians are known for ”Skulangi”..where the soloist uses guitar. Now that you are doing contemporary music,What made you see music industry in a wider view?


Am a digital kid you know. Ontop of that,am conversant with oriental musican than “Skulangi” and from the experience i’ve seen local music doesn’t pay thats why i opted for modern music. Though i also have local lyrics though the beats are modern. And i want to change the perception and attitude of our people.

Qn:.Do you perform in public? Describe the occasions?

Yea i perform in public. My recent public performance was on 12th december 2015 at Marsabit stadium during the Miss Tourism Marsabit County selection in presence of all dignitaries including his Excellency our County Gorvenor Hon Ukur Yattani.

 Qn: What is your greatest achievement so far?

I’ve gained popularity within the county, I emerged first position in the Youth Talent Competition in Marsabit County, I’ve also got an opportunity to talk to a few well know Musicians who are willing to hold my hand and Soon you will hear my latest release with one of them.

 Qn: They say that the measure of a great person is the quality of people the person raises. Are you raising the upcoming musicians? Informing them about some dos and donts in music?

 Yeah i do. I want to be there role model, am doing exactly that because I know the challenges in the industry of late

Qn: Say something to all your fans in Marsabit County.

Music Industry needs commitment and Patience. Without you all am nothing so just keep on supporting me and i will not also let you down. Keep the fire blazing, PEACE.

 Qn: Yasooh what encourages you and keeps you moving? Passion for music? Money? Fans? Your fame?

Its my passion for Music,My Audience,And eventually Money cause its all bout the Music Bussiness

Qn.Do you currently have any competion as far as music is concerned?

Ain’t no competition at all in Marsabit County. But am a mentor to many cause they are looking up to me

  1. Which important advice do you have for all the upcoming musicians?

I will advice them to Always place God first in everything they put their heart to, Love what they do,Explore their talents to the fullest,never give up and not engage in any unethical behaviour in the name of music


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