Women In Marsabit County Urged To Join Politics


Men are required to encourage and give opportunity to women who intend to vie for leadership positions in the county. Speaking to Sifa FM Marsabit, Julian Ngoiri, an officer from the Women Empowerment Link pointed out that men have no choice but to work hand in hand with women when it comes to leadership issues in the country.

Pastor William Waqo emphasized on the fact that women have a right to hold leadership positions in different offices in the country as per the new constitution. He pointed out that despite religion giving more power to the men in terms of leadership, women are also capable of becoming good leaders. Andrew Dokole from Laisamis said that women can fulfil people’s need since they give priority to society’s needs without hesitation.

Julian Ngoiri pointed out that his organization will continue providing empowering women on leadership skills. He added that soon, they will put in place strategies to help women in their political campaigns. This happened at a workshop to empower women to vie for different leadership post. The workshop was attended by women who intend to join the political arena as well as religious leaders.

Nominated Member of County Assembly, Uran ward, Sololo Jatane said that men feared giving women leadership positions because they might not get elected to those positions once women take them. Speaking to Sifa FM, Jatane Molu added that the 21st century woman is educated as well as empowered. Sube Galgallo, Nominated MCA, advised women to fight for more positions in the coming general elections. She said that women are better placed leaders than men.

Mariam Hube Beko from Heilu/Manyatta ward, Moyale constituency discouraged fellow women from staying at home and leaving leadership to the men. She intends to involve herself in politics come 2022 by vying for MCA in Heilu/Manyatta ward.

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