12 Best Weight Loss Diet List to LOSE Weight Fast

Weight loss diet list. So what do I do if I need to LOSE weight? 99% of people fail to lose weight because they do not take the proper first step. They either always procrastinate, or they do the wrong things, get discouraged and stop.

If you have decided that you want to lose weight you need the following guides. They contain all the non-BS information you need, to successfully lose weight. Choose the one that better suits you. Do something for yourself today!

So what do I do if I need to LOSE weight?

Weight loss diet list
Weight loss diet list

This program is specifically tailored for people that are new to fitness. If you’re not looking to become a fitness freak, simply want to lose some unwanted pounds and don’t know where to start – this is the program that you need. It teaches you a lot about the nutritional aspects of weight loss and has a lot of meal and diet plans professionally tailored for different kinds of people.

This is the number one weight loss guide on the Internet. It only concentrates on the nutritional parts of the process so you don’t even have to worry about wasting your time on exercising. It is very easy to get into and doesn’t involve a lot of reading as you are given the exact information that you need.

This program also introduces you to very powerful and unique concept. It is a program designed with your metabolism in mind. What this does is, it allows you to eat the things you really want, by telling you when to eat them and how to eat them in order to minimize the bad effects they have on your body.

The program also explains the concepts like calorie shifting. This is where you trick your metabolism into burning extra calories and fat by telling it that you’re about to eat one thing, and then eating something else.

This book is a little bit more advanced and concentrates a lot on training and fitness. This is a perfect book for people that aren’t severely overweight and just want to tone up and get a much better looking body.

The book contains a lot of information on different types of exercise and training programs you can be doing to lose weight, it also goes into a lot of advanced principles on dieting and nutrition.

For example: blood sugar and insulin process of food. The book is suited for people that really want to commit to fitness and contains all the information you need to get started on a journey for a better body.

It’s that good

If your goal isn’t simply weight loss, but also a life of health and fitness, you will benefit from getting both of these guides.

If you’re reading this, you know deep down that something has to be done, you’re just afraid that you’ll just waste your time. You will not. Remember, there is no guesswork involved.

All you need to do is take action right now and kick start your weight loss. There will never be a perfect time to get into this and most people fail to lose weight simply because they never take the proper first step.

Find a Weight Loss Diet List You Can Live With

Weight loss diet vegetarian
Weight loss diet vegetarian

In today’s society there are hundreds of different kinds of weight loss diet list. Explore the full spectrum of diet options and you may find several that appeal to you. It’s important to find a healthy weight loss diet list that includes foods you like in quantities that will satisfy you so that you are not feeling deprived, unhappy or miserable.

Remember, you’re looking for a permanent, long-lasting weight loss diet list, not a fad diet that you cannot maintain and will ultimately cause the disappointment of yo-yo-ing back to your previous weight, or worse, the crushing heartache of gaining back even more weight than you lost.

Here is a bit of information about some of the most popular weight loss diet list.


This weight loss diet list was designed for people with high cholesterol which predisposes sufferers to coronary heart disease, among other serious health concerns. This weight loss diet list diet specifically targets fats, primarily in saturated and cholesterol forms.

The types of foods to be avoided include whole dairy products, fatty red meats, butter and most oils, egg yolks, cheese and processed meats such as bologna, salami and hot dogs.

Some critics feel that those who follow this type of diet do not experience as much weight loss as they would on other types of diets because of the dependence on carbohydrate calories. Limiting fats is helpful for everyone on a weight loss diet list – just remember to reach for fruits and vegetables rather than bread.


Some people call this the ‘no white foods’ weight loss diet list because the idea is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet – foods such as flour, potatoes and sugar that are white in color. Carbohydrates are among the foods we over-eat most.

Excess or unused carbs are converted to sugar which ends up stored as fat. This type of diet is high in protein so if you love meat, this one may appeal to you. Some critics maintain there is too much emphasis on red meat in particular which can contribute to a host of other health problems including heart disease and some cancers.

Low carb eating is an excellent idea for everyone – just be careful not to go ‘hog-wild’ with too much meat.

South Beach

Designed as a more moderate alternative to its predecessors the Low-Fat Diet and the Low-Carb Diet, this weight loss diet list takes both fat and carbohydrate consumption into consideration allowing the ‘right’ fats and the ‘right’ carbs.

One distinguishing aspect of this weight loss diet list is the three-phase approach, starting with a restrictive two-week phase to purify the body, followed by a less-restrictive weight loss diet list phase which continues until the person has reached their weight loss diet list goal, and then the least-restrictive ‘maintenance phase’ for life-long weight control.


This weight loss diet list is based on the cuisines of the provincial farmers and fishermen in Southern Italy and Greece, where studies have found a correlation between diet and lower incidence of heart disease and cancer.

Emphasis on olive oil is one of the most well-known aspects of this weight loss diet list which also allows for some red wine and light cheeses, like feta.

Whole grain breads and legumes, primarily lentils, fresh vegetables, poultry, fish, and nuts, along with the generous use of spices other than salt, provide a rich and varied weight loss diet list that appeals to many modern gastronomes. Remember that daily exercise is a crucial component to the Mediterranean diet’s success.

Points or Exchange

Some of the world’s most heavily promoted weight loss diet list fall into this category. Generally the diets are healthy and the food choices are varied. Probably the biggest benefit of this type of weight loss diet list is the organization’s social support system – – offered at a monthly subscription price.

Foods or meals are allocated a certain number of points and the person following this plan necessarily must keep track of the points they are consuming all day long.

It’s a step up from counting calories but many people find it cumbersome to tote around a book to check the point values of foods and a journal to keep track of the points they’ve used.


Another one of the most intensely marketed weight loss diet list, this one often features celebrity endorsement, and relies upon pre-packaged meals and snacks. The idea is to remove the guesswork – but the cost of purchasing prepared and packaged meals can be exorbitant and out of range for many Americans.

The biggest downfall is that the person following this type of weight loss diet list never really learns about how to choose the right foods and manage their own nutrition for permanent, life-long health and weight maintenance.

Low-Glycemic Index (GI)

This weight loss diet list is geared towards people with diabetes or insulin resistance. The emphasis is to reduce or avoid foods that are easily converted to sugar in the body and to maintain balanced blood sugar levels. This is a very healthy weight loss diet list for those who are particularly sensitive to sugars and carbohydrates.

Everyone wanting to lose weight could benefit by learning more about the glycemic index of the foods they eat. It may surprise many people to learn that the GI of foods like plain bagels which are commonly perceived as nutritious, can actually cause rapid, unhealthy blood sugar spikes that are downright dangerous for people with insulin sensitivity issues.

Weight loss diet veg
Weight loss diet veg

Weight Loss Diet Vegetarian / Vegan

There is a wide range of weight loss diet vegetarian, some including dairy and eggs, and others not. Staying healthy on a strict vegan diet which is low in protein alternatives can be challenging and is simply too restrictive for many people.

But for others, a lacto-ovo weight loss diet vegetarian is an easy shift, because they simply drop meat from their menu and turn to soy-based or texturized vegetable protein products instead, with eggs and dairy as substantial sources of protein.

Oftentimes, initial weight loss can be dramatic and accompanied by significant improvements in bowel and digestive functions.

Blood type or Genotype

This is a fascinating and complex weight loss diet based on blood type that traces ancient human migratory paths to determine the best diet for each genotype.

Six classifications based on blood type (the Hunter, the Gatherer, the Teacher, the Explorer, the Warrior, and the Nomad) determine which foods are helpful for you and which ones undermine your health.

Whether you choose to follow this plan or not, the research and history of the human exodus from Africa and subsequent migration throughout the world is a compelling story.

Liver Detox

This weight loss diet accentuates wholesome, organic foods that benefit the liver and avoidance of foods that harm the liver. The weight loss diet is moderate and allows for a wide variety of foods with emphasis is on raw fruits and vegetables, reducing carbohydrates and sugars, using healthy oils and drinking lots of water.

Juicing of raw fruits and vegetables is strongly encouraged, especially in the early stages of the diet in order to purify the liver.

Macrobiotic or Raw

Macrobiotic is a word of Greek origin meaning ‘long life’ and its proponents believe this diet will improve health and lengthen life spans.

Consisting primarily of raw fruits and vegetables, locally grown and in season, fermented soy products, miso soup, some raw fish and limited whole grains with no meat, eggs or dairy products permitted, this exotic diet strikes most people as being excessively limiting and monotonous.

Super easy & fast weight loss diet protein shake systems

Especially when first starting out on a weight loss diet or for those who are dieting to meet a specific time-sensitive goal, for instance their wedding, high school reunion, beach vacation or other major event where they will feel extra-conscious of their appearance, a protein shake weight loss diet makes a lot of sense.

It helps remove much of the guesswork and the hard work of learning to understand nutritional needs, and can help kick-start your weight loss diet with immediate and encouraging results.

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