3 Secrets of Amazing Weight and Muscle Gain Meal Plan UNCOVERED

Weight and muscle gain meal plan. So you are tired of being blown about in the wind and being pushed around by your grandma, you are sick of having to shop for girl size jeans and being wrestled down by five year olds. Whatever your reason, you have come to the right place.

Here I will be helping you gain those pounds/stones/kilograms/ounces/sandbags/goatpiles. Whatever you choose to measure your body mass in. I am not here to blow fairy dust up your ass and I will not be telling you to swallow a few pills, a few times a day and the weight and muscle gain meal plan will just magically start appearing.

Weight and Muscle Gain Meal Plan

Weight and muscle gain meal plan
Weight and muscle gain meal plan

This is no bull information that will propel your healthy weight and muscle gain meal plan, as long as you are ready to put the sweat in. If you are a woman click here.

Do you look like this?

Putting on weight and muscle gain meal plan is at the same time harder and easier then you might think. The amazing secret, I so brashly advertised in my heading, is no secret at all.

To gain weight more energy must enter your body then leave. In even simpler terms, you MUST EAT! I couldn’t count, how many times I’ve heard people say, that they think they are eating a lot, but just can’t gain weight. I myself was once one of those people.

The reason they don’t gain weight is, they are not eating enough, they are not eating the right things, they do not get the right exercise.

This is what I used to think “Is it possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time” (Just an excuse for not taking action). The “Convert fat into muscle” myth corrupted my mind just like it corrupts the many minds of others.

If you didn’t know, you have to BUILD muscle and BURN fat, you can’t just turn lead into gold. I did nothing to gain weight, I thought if I ate bigger portions from time to time and snacked more the weight would appear.

Here is a simple formula for maximum HEALTHY weight gain:

Is it possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time
Is it possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time

Eating+Training+Resting=Growth(oh damn this is what Newton must have felt like when he discovered gravity).

1. Eating.

As explained before, your body needs energy for growth, it cannot just produce new body mass out of nothing. It needs the nutrients and calories out of food in order to produce new tissue.

The better the quality of food the faster you will gain and the better the body mass will be(i.e. it will be new muscle tissue and not fat in your arteries). This is the number one determining factor in the equation. The other two only supplement it.

2. Training.

Regular heavy weightlifting will not only make sure that the weight and muscle gain meal plan you are putting on isn’t clogging up your arteries, or settling around your stomach slowly turning you into a marshmallow man, but it also tells your body to grow, by stimulating the release of hormones such as insulin and testosterone. This kind of exercising will distribute the weight and muscle gain meal plan to the places where you really want it.

3. Rest.

Rest simply means that you let your body use the energy it has consumed in the form of food to build up new tissue, a good night sleep is usually enough.

This is how real Men train. Just look at that Mustache!

Weight loss and muscle gain foods
Weight loss and muscle gain foods

When the three elements are utilized effectively, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot gain weight. All those flashy muscle building pages that promise to uncover a secret that will make you gain, what to you seems to be a huge amount of weight and muscle gain meal plan, are not scams. They are simply stating something that’s already pretty much a given.

In fitness and personal training circles these rapid weight gains are called “Newbie gains”. If you think that you are underweight at the moment, then your body is craving to start putting on weight and muscle gain meal plan. The problem is you’re not giving it all the needed tools. You need to know what to eat and how to eat it, and you need to know how to exercise.

These are not some secrets that only the top bodybuilders know. The information can easily be gained through months of failed attempts, months of sifting through online articles and months of annoying the hell out of people at your local gym. But once it’s all there, it all seems so simple, that you wonder how so many people manage to miss this common sense stuff.

Lee Priest doing what he does best

This is just scratching the surface and if it seems a bit daunting to you right now, browse around this web site for more information as I will be adding a lot of valuable content on training, nutrition, motivation and the mind sets you need to transform your body.

I also highly recommend you check out one of the books listed in my top 3 I made a small review of each of those here. Even I manage to get quite a bit of value from reading those books.

The people that wrote them have went through it all and have years of experience helping others achieve their goals, whether it’s gaining weight and muscle gain meal plan, loosing fat or gaining muscle.

The books are really well written and can be finished in a week of casual reading. Reading them will basically shine so much light onto you that you will be wondering how you could manage to stay in the dark for so long.

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