Former Governor Yatani Castigated at Mashujaa day celebrations In Marsabit

Marsabit county deputy governor, HE Solomon Gubo Riwe at the Mashujaa day celebrations

Former governor  Ukur Yattani was castigated  During Mashujaa Day Celebrations in Marsabit County by
Governor Mohamed Mohamed Ali and his deputy Solomon Gubo. They harshly criticized and denounced former Governor Ambassador Ukur Yattani for attacking his new government. Governor Ali dismissed Ukur’s accusations of inequality, corruption and lack of integrity against his government.

He said that the accusations are merely propaganda and will not take Ukur’s words seriously. Governor Ali insisted that his government will serve the citizens of Marsabit County despite their differences on political ideology, tribes or religion.

He has warned the puppets who are used to accuse his government that their days are numbered. He also added that any worker who fails to undertake their responsibilities will be fired while praising those who are working hard and considered them his allies. He held that those opposing him will face the consequences of their actions.

His statement was seconded by deputy governor Solomon gubo who asked former Governor Ukur Yattani to respect the current governance. He asked Ambassador Yattani to avoid making hate speech accusing their government of oppressing its citizens. Gubo stated that their government has united different communities and asked Ukur to stop dividing citizens for his own personal gains.

Solomon also added that he is accusing their government in order to gain the sympathy of President Uhuru Kenyatta in order to give him a position.

He cautioned  workers who are alleged puppets of Ukur against making false accusations and challenged them to resign from Governor Ali’s government. He revisited the statement he gave last week that they will continue undertaking their responsibilities to bring about change that will promote development in the county.

He advised anyone who is not ready to accept the changes in “KAYO’s” government to resign as soon as possible instead of passing judgment on them.

At the same time leader of the majority in the county assembly who is also a Member of the County Assembly for the ward of Uran has condemned Yattani saying he does not deserve to get another chance to work in the county government.
He said that the county lagged behind in development due to corruption and tribalism characterized by his government when he took power in 2013.

He has asked security agencies to investigate Ukur Yattani for hate speech he made on the 13th of  this month when he addressed his supporters after the first sitting on court petitioning against the victory of Governor Ali.

He also believes Yattani should be investigated by the EACC against what he terms as embezzlement of public finances totaling to 500 million KES under his governance. He concluded by saying that the political influence of ukur yattani has since declined when he lost in the election of 8th August 2017.

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