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What is it with old KANU demagogues that they just can’t help but gravitate towards corruption, incompetence and laxity? It is almost as if they have been educated on art of using everything at their disposal for personal gains. No, not that. We are all human and it is humanly to look out for self first but theirs is out-of-this-world sheer selfishness imprinted in their mannerisms that pervades all spheres of governance and daily life. They are a stumbling block, an enemy of development.

Most leaders, including those who were just youth, of KANU at its helm are a black version of Europe’s scramble for Africa’s wealth. It doesn’t help that they stash away their stolen wealth in European super secret accounts. Another thing KANU breed have in common is the fact that they know no other way to leadership but through tribal tunnels. It is KANU’s manifesto that gave us the tribal politics, alliances and all the nuances it begets!
The most afflicted breed, with few exceptions of men with far too strong a moral compass to be scrambled by KANU, are those who occupied offices in the scrapped provincial system, the DCs and the PCs.

In the case of MC there are smoking guns everywhere, from explicit corruption that is in all cadres to tribal and nepotic ways of filling the county positions. The cases that have been highlighted, including the case in court, are but the tip of the iceberg. Rather than MC people witnessing the massive developments that devolution of funds would have brought we have been shown the ugly side of the coin.  The side where village teachers on public payroll suddenly become town millionaires, where husband is county-something in a given ministry and the wife the contractor baying for a given contract from the same ministry. The kind where millions are spent to fence the graveyards while the living go hungry, thirsty and sadly die from preventable diseasea.

The Irony of it all is breath-taking: We guard the dead as many of the living troop to the graveyards because of preventable diseases. Is there more shame than this? The county assembly takes the maximum of all funds constitutionally available to them while doing the minimum sittings and the county CEO’s response is ” They have the autonomy of spending what is allocated to them.” That he’s baffled as well?! It is laughable, and you don’t have that right Sir.

How about the glaring corruption and nepotism in all cadres of county offices that no space in a single piece can be enough for enumeration? Can that too be shrugged off as being out of the CEO’s control ? Let’s face it, Marsabit County is a monumental failure, not because of lack of funds as was the case under central government but because of haunting power of KANU’s legacy in the leadership we put our fate in. The former DCs and their cronies have used our cake us their birthday cake as we sheepishly sung “Happy Birthday” around them.

For Marsabit County people, shame on them for fooling us once but it will be shame on us if they fooled us twice.

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