The Marsabit County Village Units Bill

A session of the Marsabit County Assembly
Marsabit County Assembly[FILE PHOTO]

At the County Assembly of Marsabit, The Marsabit County Village Units Bill, 2018 underwent its first reading yesterday and has been committed to the Administration Committee which has to conduct Public Participation to collect people’s views and report back to the County Assembly.

Remember this follows the rejection of the Marsabit Count Village Units Bill, 2014 Bill by the first assembly. We have attached here sections of the new Bill and the old bill.

Village Units for each sub-county in the 2018 bill is as
1. Saku Subcounty = 15 (increased from proposed 8)
2. Laisamis Subcounty = 22 (increased from the 15 village units proposed in 2014)
3. North Horr Sbcounty = 25 (increased from the 19 village units proposed in 2014)
4. Moyale Subcounty = 35 (increased from the proposed 18 in 2014 )

The new bill does not however give the village units allocated to each ward or the population of each of the villages.

Public participation is a crucial component of making the best laws. We encourage you to read through this and share your views.

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