The Kayo Riddle


Is Kayo a private company, a nickname or a campaign slogan?

There is a risk when it becomes hard to distinguish the boundaries of private endeavour and public roles.

Kayo has become such a case.

While Kayo was a popular campaign slogan, it has persisted long after the 2017 general elections campaigns ended.

Today a picture doing rounds on whatsApp groups amplified further concerns that has been silently formenting.

The Caption on the relief bag reads Kayo 2017 Ltd.

Is Kayo 2017 Ltd the company contracted to distribute relief food donated by the county Government of Marsabit? or is it a branding to show Mohamud Ali’s drought interventions?

The Kayo brand is popular, and its juxtaposition with official Marsabit County Government items cannot be ignored.

Hon. Mohamed Mohamud Ali’s official youtube channel that broadcast videos by the Governor’s Press Service also has a small Kayo TV logo besides the county official logo.

Is it campaign hungover or initial signs neopatrimonialsm that is rearing its head and threatening to blur the lines between #GavanaKayo in the as a private citizen and Mohamed Mohamud Ali the, the office bearer of Marsabit county?

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