The Enterpreneurial Spirit of Dukana Catholic Youth Enlightenment Association

Members of Dukana Catholic Youth Enlightenment Association

Dukana Catholic Youth Enlightenment Association(DCYEA) was started in the year 1991 as a religious group with THE noble intent of championing the gospel besides helping the needy in the community.

According to the group chair ,James Jarso, the group currently, besides spreading the good news(the gospel), has ventured into entrepreneurial activities so as to boost the group economically and also TO help other members of the Dukana community.

The group, by the end of last year, issued a loan of one million and twenty thousand shillings they had saved to its members and other loan seekers from the Dukana community.

The loan interest rate was 2% and by the end of 2016,together with the interest earned, the group expects over Ksh. 1.3 million loan repayment which will again be issued fairly across.

Most beneficiaries for the loan have been those joining colleges or in colleges, and those who have ventured into business activities.

The group’s  biggest hurdle was their manual financial record keeping, and dealing with money in such a manner was a head ‘scratching’ issue to the members, adding that loan defaulters have compounded the existing quagmire.

However, despite the challenges, the group has endeavored to work round the clock to make both ends meet.

”With a little help from our members and others, we have been able  to make more progress. As a group, our help can be felt however little since as a group we can do more than an individual” Jarso stated.

Jarso called on the County department of Youth, Skills Development and Sports and also trade department to furnish/impart them with more relevant skills pertinent to youth development in their endeavors. Skills in the use of modern technology has also been a thing the group has been yearning for.

As the church ushers to mark the 25th year of its Silver Jubilee celebration, Salome Umuro Dima (Youth) made her passionate appeal to all well-wishers to support them so as to make the event one of its kind.


By Boru Molmolla-the Marsabit County Communication.

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