Rhino Charge Is Coming To Marsabit


By Gedhia Mamo ,Chief Officer for Tourism Marsabit County

Rhino Charge is an off-road, 4×4 event, with navigational and team work at the centre and will be held in Marsabit between Karare and Kituruni-Songa on the 3rd of June.

*How fast will the competition cars drive?*

The competition speed limit is 40kph, they are penalised if they exceed this.

*How does the course work?*

There are 13 competition check points, which are manned by a team and sponsor, which are distributed in the bush in usually about a 8km square, the cars have 10 hours to visit every one of those checkpoints in any order they want and the vehicle that visits all those does so in the shortest distance within 10 hours is the winner! 0730hrs to 1730hrs

*How many competition cars are there?*

There are Normally a maximum of 65, for 2017 there are 63 competing cars, with minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people per car.

*How many people attend the event?*

The total population of visitors will be around 3,000 people which includes competitors, officials, sponsors and camp staff.

*What other benefits are there for the community?*

The Rhino Charge is a nationally recognised event and receives wide local and international press coverage and exposure, this exposure helps with exposure and awareness for the area and helps to promote tourism and recreational activities. In addition, promotes the sale of traditional beadwork and local crafts and encourage the women’s groups to sell their products at the entry gate. The organizers assist with the provision of a tent and direct the visitors past these displays.
All the casuals at all the camps are locals. Furthermore, the visitors do purchase sheep and goats from the local community for nyama.

*Where does the money for the conservancy / community go*?

The gate charges are given back to the community. The conservancy board along with the community will need to have agreed on what the funds raised will be used for and declare this to Rhino Ark before the monies are disbursed. Rhino Ark / Charge prefer that these funds are used for activities which benefit the area or community at large rather than individuals.

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