Residents Block Major Road Again



Irate residents of Jirime and a section of Majengo have today blocked the road around African Muslim Agency as a measure of last resort to seek redress from both the road construction company and the national government through the county commissioner’s office.

The residents who lamented the excessive dust from the road construction work were incensed by the unresponsive nature of the relevant authorities to address their incessant pleas for a solution to be found to the dust menace.

Health harm and water shortage

The ongoing road construction work is not only posing a health risk but has destroyed water piping system and according to the residents they have not been able to access piped water to their area for a long time and are forced to purchase a 20 litre jerry can of clean drinking water for Kshs 40.

“Our children have suffered from frequent colds due to the dust, some have TB now, we can’t rest during the day, we can’t sleep at night, we are thirsty, we are dirty because of the dust…look at our clothes!We have been denied our rights” Mzee Adan said.

The dust and broken pipes is also affecting the concerned communities in other ways

“For the last five months now we have not had access to water, we are not even able to send back our children to school because whatever little we earn we use to buy water, a jerry can goes for 40kshs and in a day we use at least five twenty litres of water”

Unresponsive Government

Speaking at the venue Mzee Adan, a village elder from the area said “we have sat with the county commissioner and his deputy together with the community residing here for almost 7 times”, he added that nothing has been forth coming.

“If there is a government and if there are rights, we want our rights….we have been denied our or are we not citizens of this country?”

“we have suffered injustice and we have persevered for so long but we have  been neglected…..We want the road, but that does not mean that we suffer in the process….no one is addressing our cries but we are now fed up…. we no longer want to continue like this”


The residents have given the responsible bodies an ultimatum of up to noon, tomorrow for them to do something about the dust and up to two days to solve the water problem. Threatening that if this is not addressed they will take more drastic measures.

The government officers who showed up including the D.O and OCS tried all they could to calm the angered residents down and eventually stood aside to watch.

Funga Macho Antics

This is not the first time that residents living along the road have in one way or the other raised their complaints, this has fallen on deaf ears and at worst where the residents have raised their concerns the concerned company, Gulsan, have responded in a swift way to only pour water on the road for one or two days and leaving the situation as it was.

The roads were eventually opened through the interventions of government officers who asked that they be given time until midday tomorrow to involve all the relevant stakeholders and the concerned company through the county commissioners office to find a lasting solution.



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