Religious Leaders To Take Disciplinary Action Against Inciteful Politicians

Dove-A symbol of peace

All religious leaders in Marsabit county have come together to unanimously say that they will not support any coalition of political aspirant for the August elections. The Marsabit Interfaith Council said that they will only involve themselves in giving directions to their followers and citizens to be peaceful during the election period without necessarily supporting any political leader.

Speaking to Sifa FM, the council’s chairman Sheikh Mohammed Noor, bishop Fredrick Gache Jibo and Venerable Mark Kargi Dege said that they are planning strategies that will ensure that the elections will be peaceful. The religious leaders said that they are in the process of creating awareness on the importance of electing responsible leaders.

All leaders who are inciting voters will have a disciplinary action taken against them by the religious leader. The committee of the religious leaders said that they will follow closely and report to the police any cases of incitement from political leaders. The leaders added that they expect to have two prayer meetings to pray for the county as well as preach peace before the general elections.


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