Rehema Dida Jaldesa: controversial Isiolo Women Representative.


Videos doing rounds on Social media purportedly by one Rehema Jaldesa, Women Representative of Isiolo county reads like the script from a controversy courting person.

In this one she asks questions about Benefits that the Borana have been given in Isiolo county where “Minorities have been treated as Majorities”

In another video that was similarly attributed to her, the speaker is heard urging the people to “buy borana and Build Borana”, in the same video she says that “we won’t be happy if you leave borana and buy from others”.

The Women Representative who is the Window of the the late Member of Parliment for Moyale Dr. Guracha Galgallo contested in 2013 and lost to Tiyah Galgallo but came back and won in the 2017 elections.

Has had inruns with Isiolo youths.

In Moyale she while attending to the recent refugee crises she said

“I am speaking as a local duo citizen because I was married here, my husband was a member of parliament for Moyale and I feel very much part of tjis community”

She added this as her parting shot.

“I urge the national government if by tomorrow or the day after they do not come in…Maybe we should think of seceding to Ethiopia…”

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