Regal AG Grants and Livestock Markets

A map showing the distribution of Regal-AG grants


Below are details of some grants given by REGAL-AG:

1. Korkora (Karare) – Milk Processing. Capacity: 2,500 liters a day.

2. Halimarhido (Marsabit town) – Modern Butchery park. 16 butchery stalls, 1 processing unit and 2 restaurant spaces.

3. Emmaus (Jirime) – Hay production 8k bales a yr  (2 seasons)
4. Guleid Farm (Sololo) – Hay production 10k bales a yr (2 seasons)
5. Darara farmers (Butiye, Moyale) – Poultry. 2,000 layers
6. Women Fodder Products (Jirime, Marsabit) – Hydroponic fodder. Two automated production units.
7. Sagante (Bank Quarters, Marsabit) – Feedlot. 200 bulls every six months.
8. Africaqua (South Horr) – Hay and Silage production, with small bits of fattening.
Average investment per grant is 12m.
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