*TUESDAY 30/10/2018*

Led by Bishop Kiara, the Marsabit county interim peace committee which was formed after the spontaneous spread of violence in Saku constituency has held its first meeting with Governor Ali.

The team briefed him on the progress they have made so far in restoring peace to the hotspot area’s.

Speaking during the meeting, governor Ali sincerely appreciated the work of the interfaith group that have restored normalcy so far.

” You have always provided the leadership that is needed at the hour of great need. We are indeed very grateful for the return of normalcy that have enabled our pupils to seat for their national examinations and enabling our businesses to return back to its feet”

He commended the peace committee saying that it is through their effort that today we are enjoying a holding peace in such a manner that every corner of the county is going about their business peacefully.

The county boss reminded the warring communities that it is pointless, an action that achieves no end or goal, a totally pointless endeavor to kill each other.

” It is an excise in futility for any group of persons, wether Borana or Gabra to think that managing to take life of another is supremacy ”

He further expressed his dissatisfaction in the timing and manner in which the Hon Members for Saku and North horr were arrested.

” Our honorable MPs were arrested in a very cruel manner. It was really disappointing that both of them were arrested a day after they have been appointed to spearhead peace process”

Bishop Kiara lauded all the leaders and their communities for their support in restoring peace saying that it is their collective responsibility that bore the peace that has been seen around.

He further revealed that the team will be meeting with the county security team, administration and area chiefs so as to work on the way forward before visiting the affected areas and the communities. He also appealed to both levels of government to help in rebuilding the affected families who have lost a lot of properties in the skirmishes.

Additionally the Bishop urged the leaders to join hands with them as they visit all the affected villages to promote harmonious coexistence.

*Governor’s Press Service*

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