5 Best Paleo Diet What Can You Eat

Paleo diet what can you eat? The goal of paleo diet is to be the best you can be as a human being. Stick to the most nutritious fuel / food our bodies had evolved in as inputs thus we get optimized output. You are what’s paleo diet you eat. If you eat like a human should then you will look human.

What’s Paleo Diet Summary

Paleo diet what can you eat
Paleo diet what can you eat

For weight loss, if you are fat, you will lose weight. For weight gain, if you are thin, you will gain weight. Paleo diet summary is about being healthy, you will be healthy and you will look healthy.

Do not make the mistake of gunning for weight loss as a goal in life. That will only lead to malnutrition. You do not want to be malnourished. You want to be fully nourished, fully healthy, strong, with high immunity, feeling good, with fat reserves and looking good… not slim for the sake of slim.

Optimum nourishment leads to optimum looks and optimum performance. The glow of health surrounds paleo dieters. They are attractive, beautiful people. It’s not because beautiful people congregate and become paleo dieters, no, it’s just that paleo diet makes them younger and more beautiful.

Why Raw Paleo Diet as Cure For All Diseases

Paleo diet lose weight
Paleo diet lose weight

Raw paleo diet what can you eat is the original human diet. Make a simple thought experiment without civilization, without agriculture, just simple spears and simple tools, without cooking kitchens… our human ancestors existed, no thrived to multiply to where we are today.

With simple tools humans can get raw animal foods, vegetables and fruits. The abundance would greatly depend on geography and people traveled and spread around the globe.

  • Fruits would be easy pickings whether on shrubs, on the ground, or on trees.
  • Vegetables and root crops easy pickings too and eaten raw.

Animal foods are easy pickings and eaten raw too. Fish in streams, beside rivers, near lake shores – think catfish and mudfish that walk on the banks, in sea shores many creatures such as abundant shellfish, bird eggs, ants eggs, bees, frogs, easy to catch animals like dodo birds, turtles, chickens easy to trap animals, you just set off multiple rope traps in the forest and just wait for the animals to walk on them.

Cavemen ancestors drew horses the most because they were their favorite tasting animal, not because they wanted to ride them or make them pets.

Most people today are sick of something because they are improperly fueled by products of this money based economy. Most illnesses, even the most “incurable” of illnesses are reversed when people gain abundant health when people are switched to a version of raw paleo diet what can you eat and lifestyle that is appropriate for their needs.

Cooked paleo diet what can you eat is a mere transition to their health journey to mature as raw paleo dieters. There is just too much pollution and corruption of the foods when cooked. Cooked paleo diet will not save you from incurable diseases… raw paleo diet will do that in spades.

Various Paleo Diet What Can You Eat

Recipes for paleo diet
Recipes for paleo diet

Raw paleo diet what can you eat is commonly OMNIVOROUS where the ratio of raw animals, vegetables and fruit vary according to availability and the instinct of the human practitioner. Other temporary or even long term variants of raw paleo diet could be:

Instincto / Anopsology – created by Guy-Claude Burger or rediscovered teaching practitioners of an omnivorous raw paleo diet to listen to their instincts, widen their food choices, taste everything and smell everything to see what’s paleo diet what can you eat they need at that moment in time.

Raw Carnivorous – Sometimes called “zero carb” – Not literally zero carb but eating only from the animal kingdom: muscle meats, organs, and fat of sea, sky, and land animals alike — the raw meat diet for humans. Eskimos are thought to be mostly carnivorous. Plant food limited in their very short summer.

Raw Vegan / Fruitarian – became a fad in the late 20th century and early 21st century. An introduction to raw foodism for many at that time, many mature into Raw paleo diet what can you eat and include raw animal foods in their incomplete diet. There has never been a vegan tribe. Raw veganism has been useful as a detox tool for those who come from SAD diets.

Primal Diet – invented by Aajonus Vonderplanitz is basically raw omnivore plus lots of raw dairy. Plus the ingenuity of Aajonus as an experienced healer has mapped out food combinations that work specifically to heal various diseases.

Wai Dieter – High in fruit; low in a limited selection of animal foods, usually sea food and raw eggs and virgin olive oil; raw vegetables and dairy are forbidden. Invented by code name Wai Genriiu.

Omnivorous Raw paleo diet what can you eat as a whole is never a fad, it is the original human diet, pre-dating all other diets practiced or sold in books today.

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