One person has been reported dead while twenty others continue to receive treatment in the Marsabit referral hospital due to Kala-azar outbreak.

Reports have it that a 6 year old child succumbed to the disease while one was referred to Meru referral hospital for further treatment. The Medical Director in Marsabit County, Adan Kochi and the Director of the Health Department James Chiwe confirmed the outbreak of the disease.

Speaking to Sifa FM Marsabit over the phone from Isiolo, Kochi said that he had thus far received 20 cases of patients in the wards receiving treatment for the same. He however could not give a full report on the outbreak as he was on holiday.

James Chiwe, who is also out of the county for work related issues said that the number of patients is swelling with Shur having been the most affected area. Other areas that have been affected by the outbreak include Gudhas, Hawaye and Baalar.

Chiwe stated that the disease was first reported two months ago. The Health Department has taken measures to prevent the spread of the disease by spraying affected areas.

Kala-azar is caused by a bite from a species of housefly that sucks blood from humans. Some of the signs of symptoms of Kala-azar include high fever for over two weeks without suffering from malaria, swollen stomach, lack of appetite, loss of weight, exhaustion and general body weakness, lungs strain, paleness and sometimes loss of hair.

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