Following the ongoing nurses’ strike in the country, the health sector has been greatly affected in all major hospitals in Marsabit County. Marsabit Referral Hospital has been by far the worst hit by the strike compared to other hospitals in the county.

Speaking to Sifa FM Marsabit, the Director of the Marsabit Referral Hospital Abshiro Mohammed Hapicha said that over 15 health officers and 60 nurses are on strike.

Hapicha pointed out that talks to stop the strike are ongoing. He added that they are currently only responding to emergency cases. According to him, the labour ward has been greatly affected.

He however agreed with the county’s governor on not firing the striking nurses without coming up with an agreeable solution. He was of the opinion that the nurses deserve to be heard before any action is taken against them.

Meanwhile, he urged county residents to seek medical assistance from private hospitals.

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