Governor Mohamud Ali at Gadamoji cultural ceremony on the 31st of December 2017



Great People of Marsabit,

I have the pleasure to usher-in the year 2018 and to wish all people of Marsabit a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

New Year is such an important day as it marks the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another.

The dawning of a new year is always a good time to make moment a sober reflection, review the past and draw on the lessons learnt and chart the way forward.

As you all know, 2017 was Kenya’s election year and many days of the year were spent on bruising campaign activities, which culminated in the August General Elections.

Across the Country, the people of Kenya demonstrated their love for unity, and commitment to peace and democracy by voting peacefully for the candidates of their choice.

In our own County of Marsabit, our good
people strongly expressed faith in the team we presented and entrusted us with the responsibility of building a better Marsabit.

As we progress in the journey of building Marsabit, I have taken some time to look back to the past where we began, about five months ago.

I must say that I feel confident and encouraged to say we have not only acted boldly and prudently in many issues, but we have made a tremendous difference in Marsabit.

It is very gratifying to note that we
have achieved our first benchmark of governance in Marsabit,FIVE MONTHS AGO, when we took over the mantle of leadership, we defined a vision for our County – to be a United, Prosperous and Equitable County.

Today Five Months later, we still believe that the real economic, social and political potential of our County cannot be realized if we continue to
be held back by retrogressive tribal mind sets.

Your Government remains determined to eliminate tribal tendencies, build unity and foster harmonious coexistence between all communities, and move them together to a better future.

Five Months after taking office, we still believe that the leading priority of our socio-economic development is enhanced economic inclusiveness and social empowerment of all sectors of our community.

We remain convinced that everyone who calls Marsabit home must have equal access to opportunity in the County.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In less than half a year, we have upgraded Marsabit Level 4 hospital to Level 5 Referral Hospital to deal with all health emergencies and interventions. Whilst capacity challenges still exist, I am confident thatwithin this 2018, we shall operate at the full level-5 capacity.

Further, we have taken steps to lessen the burden of prohibitive costs of referral services. Your Government is already working towards a free ambulance services in Marsabit. With Kshs. 50M set aside for this, this year 2018 will undoubtedly see the full implementation of the policy.

As you are aware, I launched in December last year, the NHIF Medical Insurance Programme for Marsabit County staff and 10,000 vulnerable members of our society. I have briefed that the registration exercise for 10,000 vulnerable persons as well as the county staff has been

To improve access to education for children from less privileged families, over the last five months we have focussed our attention to
improving the management of the existing County Scholarship Fund.

The fund will be managed in a very open and transparent manner through local scholarship committees and will only be utilized to cater
for the full scholarship of the needy students.

We are also deliberating on how to increase the scholarship fund to cover more needy students at all levels of education, including this
year’s new entrants into form one.

We will equally ensure that the directive I made on Jamhuri Day to make skills training at all Public Polytechnics – Free for All is fully
implemented beginning January 2018.

To improve access to Water, we have already secured a 2.5B donor support for water and sanitation services in Marsabit. We have already put to operation, the Marsabit Water and Sewerage Company.

2018 will be the year for improved availability and access to water resources in Marsabit, especially the Marsabit town.

As you may recall, during my inaugural address to our County Assembly, I spoke of a plan to upgrade Marsabit town into a Municipality. I can confidently say that the work of elevating Marsabit town to the Municipality status is in progress.

Great People of Marsabit:

As you can see, no one can deny that we have already made indelible impacts in the lives of our people in key sectors. I am certain that we
have put Marsabit on the right path of an irreversible development. The success stories of devolution that has been told elsewhere in Kenya can now be told in Marsabit too!

BUT the year 2018 is our Year of Hope and great expectations, when our transformative agenda for the sustainable development of our Countywill be fully consolidated for the interests of our people.

I expect the year 2018 and beyond to yield greater achievements and value expectations for this County! This will be our year of consolidation of our promises of a better life and economic prosperity to be readily
brought to the doors of our people.

We will continue in 2018 to drive all our restructured and re-engineered platforms for a better Marsabit – Marsabit where everything is not only changing for the better, but everything gets better for everyone.

I will continue to remind all people of Marsabit not to forget where we are coming from – to reach this far, so that we never derail from our new direction!

I cannot stop commending our people all across this great county for the solid supports given to my Administration, the prayers and the
sacrifices, so that we all achieve our dreams of a better Marsabit – A Marsabit where stability, security and prosperity of our people are the
new basis of our social contract with the citizens.

Of the many interactions I have had with our people over the last five months, two occasions stand out – the Kalacha Cultural Festival held in December last year and the Gadomoji Cultural Festival organized in Saku sub-county just yesterday, provided me with the most satisfying celebrations of the year 2017.

For me the two occasions were not just a
celebration of cultural heritage but a celebration of our cultural diversity.

The diverse communities whose cultures we celebrated were and remain the true definitions of what Marsabit is. You are all Marsabit and Marsabit is all of you!

Let us therefore travel through 2018 as one people with one Government, believing that our citizens and our Governments are more ready and willing to make the desired sacrifices and share the cooperation necessary in keeping our County grow stronger and better On this note, I once again wish all you a happy and prosperous New Year, 2018, and may all your dreams for the year come true!

Thank you and May God bless you all.


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