Moyale Town’s Electricity Supply Issues

Moyale town at night. The lights in the background are Moyale Ethiopia. Ethiopia supplies the

Moyale town in Marsabit County entirely relies on Ethiopia for its power supplies since 2013.

There has been tremendous increase in demand of power following ambitious government plans like the last mile connectivity.

The Ethiopian power supply is not reliable with very little cooperation coming from the Ethiopian officials in the area.

The transmission control centre is at Boku Luboma about 50km away from Moyale town.

Moyale residents have fallen victims of the indifference of Ethiopian officials and minimal response from the Kenyan Power Station local officers who can only watch without any control over how things are.

The locals also accuse the Ethiopian government of shuting down the power system on the whims of security.

Before that the town relied on three generators that were able to meet the power demands of the town. Since the connection to Ethiopia, two of the three generators that used to service the town have been taken to other towns like Habaswein, in Wajir and Samburu. Now the 3rd generator at the station is poorly maintained and is not able to provide even a 1/4 of the power demand in the town.

Most businesses that rely on power supply have been affected by the intermittent power supply.

When The Kenya Power officials at Moyale raise their concerns with their Ethiopian counterparts they are often met by indifference or simplistic responses offered in broken english like “total blackout”.

There is need to protect consumers from such unreliable power systems.

There is need for a bigger capacity generator to be installed in Moyale town to serve as a back up to the constant outages.

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