MCAs Criticise Governor Mohamed Ali On Contract Awards


Some ward representatives(MCAs) in Marsabit County have criticised governor Mohamud Mohammed Ali for failing to provide contracts equally and to engage in development projects accordingly.

Marsabit central MCA, Hassan Waqo Jarso popularity known as Milan Dema and Karare MCA Stephen Leyado, have complained that contracts are being given to wealthy individuals instead of local residents especially the youth.

Leyado has claimed that there is no fairness in the award of contracts and that leaders are not consulted in the process.

It is a statement echoed by his Marsabit central MCA colleague, Wako Jarso, who has said that the contracts has been awarded with a lot of discrimination and unfairness.

However, the governor of the county, Mohamud Mohamed Ali, has dismissed the claims saying that laid down procedures are followed.

The Governor has accused MCA Jarso Wako of failing to perform his duties and making allegations against him.

He claims that his government is a government that cares about and responds to its inhabitants equally.A statement supported by Saku MP Dido Ali Rasso.

Rasso has accused some leaders of engaging in politics that panders to people but causes divisions among leaders.

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