Marsabit Women Representative Debate


In a move seen as very progressive, the first ever Marsabit Women Representative debate was held yesterday at Radio Jangwani studios.This follows the governor’s debate held the previous day. The event was organised by Marsabit Interfaith CouncilĀ  (MIC)

Unlike the governor’s debate,this was well attended , with four aspirants showing up although one came in late. The attendees were Dr Elizabeth Pantoren of KANU,Ms Amina Koreya of Maendeleo chapchap , Ms Okotu Galgallo and Ms Amina Guyo Halakhe of ODM

The event was aired live on two radio stations,Jangwani and Sifa FM with moderators from the same stations. Viewers had the chance of sending in questions they’d like answered.

The topics covered included FGM, the role of women in society and what the next women representative should prioritise as her agenda amongst others.

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