Marsabit Residents Praised For Upholding Peace



After 109,000 registered voters out of the 141,708 cast their vote on the 8th of August, police still patrol the county.

The over two thousand police who were sent to different parts of the county before the general election are expected to continue patrolling until all the recently elected leaders are sworn in.

Speaking to Sifa FM Marsabit, Marsabit County Commissioner Magu Mutindika reported that peace is being witnessed across the county. He advised the county residents to continue carrying out their day to day activities without fear.

The commissioner said that he was able to talk to all leaders who lost in the general elections about the importance of preaching peace to the people. He added that the police were ready to protect the people at all costs. Police also continue to patrol the Isiolo-Marsabit and Marsabit-Moyale highways.

Commissioner Mutindika said that the period of celebrating winners ended last week and things should resume to normalcy.

Meanwhile, Salad Abdikadir expressed his worry over the recent killings in Marsabit town and its environs.

Despite the fact that NASA leaders called on the people to boycott work on Monday, most residents in the county went to their different work places.

In an interview with Sifa FM, Vincent Odhiambo, a resident said that boycotting work would not help the NASA team in their allegations. Vincent said that the only way NASA could get justice was to go to court in respect to the country’s constitution. According to him, despite the few hitches witnessed, the elections were free and fair. Unlike other areas witnessing political unrest, Marsabit County is peaceful.

Different leaders across the county continue to congratulate the residents for being peaceful.


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