Marsabit County Executive distances itself from unfair employment allegations.


(29/03/2018, Marsabit)

Executive away from board’s recruitment allegation by political class:

The Marsabit county deputy governor H. E Solomon Gubo Riwe has distanced the executive arm of the government from the unfair recruitment allegation levelled against the county public service board by some of the county political class.

The deputy county boss reiterated that the executive arm of the government is not part to the complains raised by some of the county assembly members (MCAs) against the board’s new recruits of health and ECD care givers.

The deputy governor advised those aggrieved by the employment to present their evidences with the board than raising complains on local FMs and social media since a solution can’t be reached in such a manner.

“The interview exercise was conducted during the former regime,but this doesn’t mean results were theirs neither did we influence the outcome. The responsibility of placing people in public service rests with the county public service board and thus it’s work must be respected” the DG has said.

The deputy county chief who was happy with the employment of over 300 new workforce urged the recruits to keep off politics but instead serve the public with lots of diligence and commitments as they execute their noble public service.

The county public service board secretary/CEO MohammedNoor Adan Halakhe having confirmed that the three days induction training has been successful and engageful urged the new recruits to observe public servant codes of conduct as they offer public service across the county of Marsabit.

The board CEO urged politicians not to interfere with government recruitment affairs and deployment.

He confirmed that none of the recruits corrupted any of the board member and it’s staff in a bid to secure government job, revealing that the exercise was free and fair, devoid of any external influence.

The board CEO appealed to the new recruits to think of legacy as they ‘touch’ different grounds within the county of Marsabit, to execute their valued public service delivery.

The new health and ECD care givers employees expressed their unhappiness with the political leaders for their allegation/criticisms against the county employer(the board) for their employment.

The new recruits said that complainants for their placement in public service,unfairly said that they (new recruits) were picked/drawn from “Fora” and given jobs, wondering the kind of new employees their political class had thought of. They termed the allegation against the board as baseless, wanting, self interest seeking and not really binding at all, urging political leaders to reconsider their thought(s).

By Boru Molmolla-the department of communication, Marsabit county.

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