Loltome Gets Re-elected


Mathew Loltome has been reelected as the speaker of the Marsabit County Assembly for another five years. This was after being elected unopposed. He was the only contestant who had handed in his documents as required by the law.

The CountyAssembly clerk Mohammud Kamaya said that Hassan Mohammud also wanted to vie for the position but failed to hand in his documents.

Mathew Loltome was sworn in before starting his duties as the speaker in the second county assembly.

Giving a speech to the assembly after being sworn in, Mathew Loltome thanked the members for electing him. He promised to work with the members of the county assembly as well as the county government under Mohammed Mahmud’s governorship for the prosperity of the county.

He also recognized the progress made by women to be elected into the county assembly. More women vied and two won in the last general elections unlike the 2013 general elections where no woman won.

Speaker Loltome congratulated the women for their courage. The women elected into the 2nd county assembly include Miss Qabale Huqa of MCCP from Sololo ward and Miss Assunta Galgitele of Frontier Alliance Party from Kargi-South Horr ward.

The number of members in the current county assembly is 30 compared to the previous 33. Loltome also congratulated the members who were re-elected back to the county assembly including Mark Ekale of Loiyangalani, Daudi Tamasot of Korr/Ngurunit and Elema Diba of Dukana ward. Four nominated MCA’s were also nominated for a second term. These were Miss Susan Dabalen, Miss Osman Araru Sadia, Konchora Abdub Huka and Miss Zamzam Hussein.

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