Leaders Should Avoid Preaching Tribalism

Stop Tribalism

Political leaders from Marsabit County have been urged to avoid Tribalism talks as they preach peace in different areas if they are to prosper politically. During a press conference in Marsabit town, Sales Guyo from Wolqabana Peace and Development Group from Bubisa said that leaders should work towards uniting the people rather than dividing them along tribal lines. He advised politicians to put citizens’ interest ahead of their own.

Sales Guyo also urged the county residents to embrace peace and unity so as to spur development in the county. He challenged different groups to preach peace as well as educate the public on the importance of peace.

Meanwhile, Galgallo Molu, Wolqabana Peace and Development Group chairman insisted that peace is paramount for development to occur. He argued that there is a pressing need for a comprehensive strategy to enhance security especially now that the general elections are approaching.

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