JJ Falana Comments On The Recently Concluded Elections

Hon JJ Falana with former governor HE Ukur yatani [FILE PHOTO]

Former Saku Member of Parliament Jarso Jillo Falana expressed his contentment at the manner at which elections were conducted and the peace that prevailed before, during and after the election. J.J Falana thanked the people of Marsabit County for showing up in big numbers to participate in the elections. He also congratulated all those who were elected into leadership positions. He however called on all leaders, whether they won the election or not, to work together towards the development of the county.

Speaking to Sifa FM Marsabit, JJ Falana challenged Governor Muhamud Mohammed Ali to ensure that he carries out his duties diligently. The former Member of Parliament also said that he is ready to assist the new governor in any way possible when he is needed. He also urged the governor to lead the county wisely and not allow lazy people under his wing

Falana urged the former governor of Marsabit County, Ukur Yattani to work with other leaders more so the new governor to ensure prosperity of the county.

The former MP however dismissed claims that he had been receiving treatment in India due to shock after losing the elections. He assured the people that he was well and good and such propaganda should be ignored.


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