Taking over The Mantle Of Leadership: Marsabit County Governor and Deputy Sworn In

Mohamud Ali takes the oath of office as the new governor Marsabit County

In a ceremony full of pomp and colour, the incoming governor of Marsabit county, H.E Mohamed Mohamud Ali and his deputy HE Solomon Gubo Riwe were sworn in today at Moi Girls High School, Marsabit. The ceremony was presided over by Meru High Court Justice Francis Gikonyo and Marsabit Law Court Principal Magistrate Boaz Ombewa

The crowd at the incoming governor’s swearing in ceremony

Guests came in from all over the country to attend the ceremony including even the current Abba Gatha from Ethiopia.Other Key leaders who attended the ceremony were Marsabit Senator elect Godana Harugura, Sakuu Mp Dido Ali Raso and Women Rep Safia Sheikh Adan and Marsabit County Commissioner Magu Muthindika who urged the newly elected leaders to encourage politics of development for the betterment of the residents of Marsabit county.

In a speech read out by the outgoing deputy governor H.E Omar Abdi Ali, the former governor , Ukur Yatani Kanacho congratulated HE Mohamud Ali. He enumerated all the achievements he made in his tenure including an improved cohesion index and an ongoing cross border programme spear headed by the UN and the Kenyan and Ethiopian governments. He also mentioned projects which were started by his government such as a hospital complex at the Marsabit referral hospital, the abattoir and the new modern market which are incomplete. He requested that the incoming governor complete them as they are of importance.

Right to Left:Incoming governor HE Mohamud Ali ,Meru High Court Justice Francis Gikonyo , and deputy governor HE Solomon Gubo Riwe


For his inauguration speech, H.E Mohamud Ali thanked all the people of Marsabit who came out in large numbers to vote for him and his deputy despite the long queues .He also mentioned the deplorable state of people that he saw in the course of his campaigns and promised to uplift them. He reiterated that all the people of Marsabit county are all one amd the importance of peace.

He made various promises among them women empowerment and youth development and  Better health care and facilities, a new fish factory at Loiyangalani and a medical college among others.

The deputy governor elect HE Solomon Gubo echoed the same message from the governor elect that the new government will ensure that government service are available to all from health,education,infrastructure and empowerment programs focused on youths and women.

However, the outgoing governor Amb Ukur Yattani who was expected to hand over the county seal to governor elect as a change of guard in Marsabit County skipped the event though was represented by the outgoing deputy governor Omar Abdi.

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