“I was Duly elected by the people of Marsabit County ” Governor Ali.



Marsabit High court

Marsabit County Governor Mohamud M. Ali took a witness stand in the case challenging his election as the governor of the county.

Marsabit high Court sitting before Justice Chitembwe listened to the oral final submissions for the marsabit gubernatorial petition.

Governor Mohamud told Justice Chitembwe that he was validly elected by the electorates and the great people of marsabit County. He termed petition  as a waste of time,energy,resources and equated it to a fishing expedition by the petitioner.

“my lord, the petitioner’s close relative has an active case before the court for attempting to bribe an IEBC official” Governor Mohamud said on accusations that he was involved in a voter bribery and coercion.

He added that he ran his campaign in accordance with the election laws and regulations and abided by the election code of conduct and the people of marsabit county chose him because of his manifesto.

” My campaign was based on issues and ideology, I sold my manifesto to the people who overwhelmingly voted for me and and I am in the process of  honoring the accord with my people ” Said the county boss

Further he congratulated the IEBC for carrying out a free,fair and Democratic process.

” I commend IEBC for it’s thorough work, I know it was not an easy endeavor but they have delivered a commendable job beyond any reasonable doubt. ” said Governor Ali.

Governor Mohamud, appreciated the court for giving marsabit residents an opportunity to participate in the proceedings of this election petition. The court granted the people of marsabit County an opportunity after an appeal was made to transfer the case to another high Court.

“In its own wisdom the court granted the residents of marsabit County to fully participate in the election petition. The first of its kind,the experience is enormous and the lesson is right at home” said Mohamud.

The petitioner who ran for the top county seat on Frontier Alliance Party was thoroughly trounced by H.E Mohamud and his team lodging a petition was not out blues.

“My Lord, my prayer to this Honourable court is to dismiss the petition with a huge  cost as it lacks merit and it is not out of the petitioners characters to always run to court or lodge an appeal ” said Mohamud.

He appreciated the due respect accorded to him by petitioners lawyers despite immense pressure from their clients.

Governors Press Unit 

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