3 Best Tips How to Lose Weight Fast and Without Exercise

How to lose weight fast and without exercise. Those who eat less are likely to live a long and healthy life. Caloric restriction has serious effects on the body, which researchers hope to be able to induce also through drugs.

Since eating 25% less, the study volunteers CALERIE weakened about 10 kilograms, they feel healthier, lighter and more energetic. Scientists suspect that they will have a longer life than other people.

CALERIE study (Comprehensive Assessment of Long-Term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy), which takes place at a university in Boston, started from the idea that people who consume fewer calories enjoy a better health, what would ensure a longer life.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Without Exercise?

How to lose weight fast and without exercise
How to lose weight fast and without exercise

This view appears a paradox. If you eat to live, how to lose weight fast and without exercise is it that less food means longer life? No scientists have a precise explanation. The fact is that this conclusion was drawn after some years of studies on various organisms, from fungi to mice.

People who eat less live longer by 50%. Soon we will find out what effect has this semi-starvation on humans. Till now we know that even monkeys have a longer life if they eat less. Primates who were famished they didn’t make diabetes, heart disease and cancer as much as those who ate one’s fill.

Every time you keep a diet low in calories (but which contains, however, essential nutrients) you reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, and that means extra years to your life.

However, caloric restriction seems to trigger other mechanisms that prolong our life. It is not just the fact that they keep away the diseases. It is exactly what the Calerie study pursues : to discover what are these mechanisms.

Volunteers will eat 25-30% less than normal for two years, after which they will do thorough analysis to see what has changed in their body. The researchers have to determine if all people will benefit from caloric restriction. Since 1935, scientists noticed that people who eat less live longer.

Subjects were mice. It was also noted then that it is not the less weigh that prolong mice’s life. Those who ate more but who maintained additional exercises had not a longer life. Since then the researchers try to explain how to lose weight fast and without exercise caloric restriction works. So far there are only theories still unconfirmed.

Mild hunger is likely to act as a stress factor, slowly but steadily, which strengthens the body and makes it more resistant to age issues. Also, caloric restriction slows metabolism and people with a slow metabolism live longer.

Once they find the exact link between hunger and longevity, researchers need to identify the molecular mechanisms that made this connection. They hope that in the near future, these mechanisms can promote drugs, so we can live longer without going hungry.

Weight Loss Tips: What to Eat/Drink?

Weight loss tips no exercise
Weight loss tips no exercise

Before a course of how to lose weight fast and without exercise is good to do a detox diet. The body will respond better to the dietary and nutritional supplements.

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, lemonade without sugar and herbal tea. Eat daily at bedtime and in the morning on awakening a glass of plain water with juice from half a lemon. It helps the how to lose weight fast and without exercise and detoxification process.

It is better to eat less and often: 3 main meals a day and 2 snacks between meals. Ideal snacks are: fruit, natural juices, dried fruit (raisins, dates, apricots etc.). Fruits are not to be consumed as a dessert but only between meals, in small quantities.

Eat fruit for breakfast (in the form of salads or shakes) and high-fiber cereals.

At dinner is preferable to eat dietary dairy foods or fish with vegetables (salads or stewed).

At lunch eat fish, grilled chicken or turkey (on Teflon). The fish or the meat can be combined with trimmings like vegetable-based salads or stewed with a little virgin olive oil.

If you decided to follow a dissociated how to lose weight fast and without exercise diet is preferable a dissociation on meals rather than days. The body needs balanced nutrition daily covering all food categories.

One day a week would be good to eat only fruit and drink natural juices. The day of fruits helps detoxification, how to lose weight fast and without exercise and body vitaminisation.

Complete the how to lose weight fast and without exercise diet with nutritional supplements that help to melt fat, detoxify the body and ensure intake of vitamins and minerals.

If you have hormonal problems or a poor mental state (depression, fatigue) is good to talk to a specialist before starting a how to lose weight fast and without exercise diet. The combination of how to lose weight fast and without exercise diet with adequate medical treatment and timing for starting the diet will help you get the results you want.

Weight Loss Tips: What to Avoid?

How do i lose weight in 7 days
How do i lose weight in 7 days

Give up for good synthetic, carbonated soft drinks. They are not healthy and you will gain weight because they contain too much sugar and additives(E numbers). Replace them with natural juices without added sugar.

Get rid of concentrated sweets. Replace them with all kind of fruit. If the need to eat sweets becomes overwhelming and obsessive during a how to lose weight fast and without exercise diet eat some dark chocolate.

Drop the pork. It is forbidden during the how to lose weight fast and without exercise cure. Replace it with fish, chicken or turkey. Cook the meat on Teflon or on a grill. Add spices to enhance the taste: thyme, basil, oregano, allspice, marjoram, rosemary, soy sauce etc. Invent by yourself tasty recipes, healthy foods that help you how to lose weight fast and without exercise using these ingredients: vegetables, fish, white meat, virgin olive oil and spices.

  • Do not combine meat with potatoes or pasta. It’s a big NO when you’re on a diet.
  • Give up the white bread. If you can’t give up bread during a how to lose weight fast and without exercise diet consume one or two slices of black bread per day.
  • Cancel foods with hidden fat like cheese, melted cheese, margarine, Parizer etc. from your meals.
  • Do not consume stiks, potato chips, biscuits, wafers, etc. Replace them with fruits.
  • Give up fast food, sausage and avoid fried foods.
  • Do not eat after 6 o’clock. If you get hungry eat a fruit or a dietary yogurt.

Reasons for Failure in a Weight Loss Diet

6 weight loss tips
6 weight loss tips

Unfulfilled dreams

Most women dream about how to lose weight fast and without exercise they want to look like long before beginning their diet. Often, they tend to cling on an ideal image that can’t be obtained. Short, solid legs will never become long and thin deer-legs.

Also a broad shouldered woman will never look like a sylph by wearing a tank top even if she is 20 pounds thinner. The deception is imminent and so is the food eaten out of frustration.

The Solution: Be realistic. Your body structure won’t change because of your diet nor will your life become any easier. The sure thing is that you will look and feel better. Proper clothing will emphasize the parts that advantage you before even finishing your regime. Turn to a stylist for help or ask a friend who you trust to go shopping with you.

Pounds don’t evaporate easily

Your pants are not fitting you anymore also you can’t zip up your dress. That’s it: starting today you begin a severe diet. However, the day afteryour body gets stressed, your stomach is rumbling and after 10 minutes you’re eating more than you would eat in an entire day. The silhouette you dreamt about is gone.

The Solution: Habits can be changed from one day to another and without planning!Try to imagine then how to lose weight fast and without exercise life will change and how to lose weight fast and without exercise you will look in your old suit buttoned down and zipped up. And never forget: the fat on your hips settled in time, perhaps in several years, so it will not easily dissolve, either by clapping your hands or by using non-orthodox methods.

The scale seems to be jammed all of the sudden. Is that all?

Typical situation: After several weeks of treatment, nothing happens. That’s because the body got rid of the accumulated fluid, but is still dependent on its fat reserves. In addition, your metabolism got used to “modest” nutrition and restricts your energy needs.

The Solution: Don’t exaggerate with your exercising in order to burn more fats and also don’t check the scale every single day. Alternation is always pleasant and will help pass the stagnating part of the regime. You should try, for example, other sports. You should always think of everything you have done so far in order for you not to give up.

A trick you can try: make a chain out of paper clips. For every pound less you hang another clip to the chain. Put the chain in your wallet and keep your hopes up!

The Jo-Jo effect

The five kilograms you planned to eliminate are gone, you’re eating normally again, but you realize that you put back in place the fats one by one. Jo-Jo is the classic effect: at 8 weeks after finishing the diet, the body consumes more energy than before you started! He “interprets” your diet as a state of crisis and stores the fat. You can think of this as “money for rainy days.”

The Solution: You should begin another regime all over again, choosing feasible meals every day and eventually this can turn into your normal diet. It still remains valid the fact that your diet should contain more fruits and vegetables and less fat and quick meals. And those of you who do more and exercise regularly for example by swimming or cycling three times a week will maintain their weight even if they indulge from time to time.

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