6 Best Tips How Put On Weight

How put on weight? A study conducted in the United States by some researchers was aimed towards finding the answer to the eternal question that grinds a good part of the world’s population: why do we put on weight?

How put on weight to explain that two people who manage their diet to the exact number of calories for a month develop differently in muscle mass, body fat, as well as putting on a different numbers of pounds?

Why is it that some are more greedy than others when it comes to sweets and food in general? Are we talking about hereditary or genetic factors, about the contribution of daily stress or is there something else that allows some to eat until they “crack” without putting on how put on weight while others gain how put on weight from thin air?

Why Do We Put On Weight?

How put on weight
How put on weight

The survey consisted of two distinct stages: the first they tried to determine whether so-called children’s eating behavior is determined by the herd effect , meaning that young children imitate (eat) what they see every day (why / how put on weight others eat) – this having repercussions throughout their entire life.

The second part of the study wanted to establish whether multiplying the number of calories and the lack of exercise did indeed lead to proportional how put on weight gain for all the studied subjects. Initially, the researchers visited a kindergarten and studied a group of children over several days.

At first, they simply studied children’s behaviour regarding food habits: at mealtimes, all children ate the served food, there were no registered cases of children who refuse to eat or who asked for extras. The following days, after the usual meal, every hour, while the children had a drawing program, they were given plates with party food: chocolate, candy, cookies.

Here responses were surprising: although they had just eaten and were tired, some children put aside their sheets and coloring pencils and began to eat everything of the plate, others were happy to taste a little of what was on the plate and then to continue to draw, others on the other hand completely ignored the new food, pushing the plates away and focusing fully on drawing.

Some of those who emptied the bowls of sweets invited those who were at the same table with them to eat from their plate, but the latter reacted very firmly, turning their head and refusing categorically.

They seemed to say: I’m sick, I just ate and now I want to draw! What explains the childrens very different behaviour? Researchers say that in most cases an obese adult was certainly a child predisposed to how put on weight gain from a very early age, his body fat mass developing faster than others.

Performing additional tests on rodents and correlating the results with the latter, researchers said that when a mother eats food rich in fat during pregnancy, this produces changes in the brain that stimulate the future child’s appetite and which lead to over-feeding and obesity since childhood.

This could be one possible explanation for those children who ate more than they actually needed , while others did not touche sweets – one can extende this explanation to the behavior of overweight or obese adults.

The second part of the study was performed on a sample of 20 people aged between 18 and 35 years, both women and men of different races. All had different lifestyle, education, different jobs, different food preferences and habits. They studied their eating habits and the way they exercised for a month.

Conclusion? You are one of those lucky few if your mother took care not to eat very oily before giving birth,if you’ve developed healthy eating habits – such as not eating more than you need – and if you have a good metabolism, with a lot of burning processes in your body.

It’s very likely you gain how put on weight harder and you lose how put on weight easier. Unless you are one (of the increasingly few) so lucky, make sure you do more exercise, you eat at regular intervals, you eat healthy and also make sure you fit into the number of daily calories allowed. The key to success is disciplining your diet!

How Put On Weight With These Home Exercises!

Put on weight diet
Put on weight diet

How put on weight? Ok first of all, if you are committed to transforming your body and really how put on weight I highly recommend you join a good gym, with a good amount of free how put on weight. However if that’s not an option for you, here is a list of the best exercises you can do at or around your home. These only require bodyweight.

Lower Body:

Squats. Squat down as low as your flexibility allows you to, while keeping your chest up, back slightly arched and looking forward. Make sure you sit back into the squat, ie bend at the hips before the knees.

Jump squats. These are performed with the same technique as the squats, however on the way up you accelerate and jump up as high as you can. When you land start sitting into the squat again. Make sure you don’t just collapse into the squat after landing and are lowering yourself in a controlled fashion.

One legged squats. These can be done in two ways. One way is where you place one of your legs onto something behind you to support yourself and squat with the other.

The other way of doing the one legged squat and in my opinion the most effective way of training the legs without any equipment is the pistol squat. These are a lot more challenging but are therefore a lot more effective. You extend one of your legs in front of you and do the squat with the other. An excellent exercise.

Upper body (chest, triceps, shoulders):

Pushups. The most basic exercise. Also works the abdominals if you keep your trunk rigid during the whole set. Put your hands onto the floor somewhere under your shoulders.

Lower your body down, try to touch the floor with your chest, then raise the body back up. If performing these is a bit of a challenge, you can start out with having your knees planted on the floor instead of your feet.

Yes, this is effective.

Dips. It may be a bit challenging to find a place where you can do dips. At home you could try putting two cabinets, tables or chairs close to each other. Then bending your legs to stop yourself from touching the floor. Make sure that your homemade “dip bars” can handle your how put on weight. You can also do dips with your arms behind your back, and feet on the floor.

Hand stand pushups. FInd a wall. Squat down near it with your back turned towards it. Get on your hands and use your feet to climb up the wall into a handstand position – using the wall for balance. Now try doing a pushup. This can be very challenging and dangerous, however this is one of the best exercised for the shoulders

Upper body (back and biceps):

Pull ups. One of the best exercises for the back. Even in the gym, where you have a lot of weighted alternatives. You could install a cheap pull up bar in a doorway, find a branch, or even try doing pull ups hanging on a door(make sure it can handle your weight). If you can’t do a pull up, try doing negatives where you jump up to get your chin over the bar and then slowly lower yourself down.

Supine rows. This is kind of a reverse of a pushup. You find yourself a place where you can hang your body on while your feet rest on the ground, and you pull yourself up. Your body is in the same horizontal position as when you are doing pushup, except here your stomach is facing up and you are pulling yourself up to something.


The crunch. Simply lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet close to your bum. Put your hands behind you head. Now raise your head and chest up to the ceiling.

Don’t try to do a sit up, so make sure that your hips don’t move and your lower back stays on the floor. Imagine your stomach to be like an accordion. Try to raise your chest and neck in one movement instead of kind of pushing your head forward and letting your chest follow.

Those certainly won’t make you look like this any time soon

A thing to remember when doing these bodyweight exercises is that it is not about the number of repetitions, or the number of sets that you do. It’s about the intensity. What that means is, you have to make these exercises as difficult as possible for yourself.

I, for example could easily do over 60 pushups. However 6 to 8 repetitions are preferred when it comes to putting on how put on weight. So what I am going to try and do is burn out after those 6 to 8 reps.

I will go down very slowly and controlled. I will pause at the bottom and I will explode up. I might even do a clapping pushup. If you can try adding some weight or resistance, you may have to be imaginative…..

These are some of the best alternatives to a proper how put on weight training routine, however if you are really serious and determined to gain weight, I suggest you get one of the how put on weight training guides I have listed on the right, and get your butt to the gym.

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