His Excellency Governor Mohamud M Ali today launched construction of public health laboratory at Marsabit County referral hospital. The laboratory is first of its kind in the whole of nothern region and sixth of it’s kind in the nation.The laboratory is combined initiatives of the county Government, world bank and the government of Kenya.

After its completion, the laboratory will strengthen capacity for diagnosis and surveillance of communicable and non-communicable diseases by establishing a network of efficient, high quality, accessible public health laboratories and by promoting innovation and knowledge sharing. The project will also include the construction of an incinerator and a septic tank that is expected to enhance and promote hygiene at the hospital and its environment. The project is expected to take 10-12 months.

While officially handing over the site to the contractor, the county boss regretted the poor status of health care services across the county and vowed to restore order and sanity to it boosted by the new partnership.

” In my journey across this county, I agonized over the despair and cost that families face due to limited access, financial barriers to quality health care which is why I am so thrilled to be part of this partnership today that will have a direct bearing on targeting poor households and vulnerable citizens” he said

He further called for a concerted effort from all stakeholders in realization of sustainable solutions for most diseases.

” And I am confident that together we will find the right approach to increase public awareness and develop practical and sustainable solutions for most diseases” Said Governor Ali.

The county boss was confident that his ambitious plan to revamp the county healthcare system is right on track

” I am glad that this initiative is in line with my agenda of transforming the health sector in Marsabit- Making it accessible, affordable and quality assured” said the county boss.

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