First Ever Marsabit Governor’s Debate


The first ever Marsabit County Governor’s debate was held today at Catholic hall in Marsabit. The event organised by the Marsabit Interfaith CouncilĀ  (MIC) was meant to bring to bring together all the gubernatorial contestants.

However,only Umuro Sora Adano turned up. Although Mr Dambi had also confirmed attendance, he was a no show. Amb Ukur Yattani also sent his apologies stating that he was unwell.

The debate was moderated by Kassim Wako of Sifa fm and Nancy J of radio Jangwani. It had 3 sessions consisting of various issues such as water shortage, health,the state of roads,peace and tribalism.

Mr Umuro Sora Adano answered the questions very well,often quoting his manifesto and various statistics from bodies such as the world Bank. He often had the crowd struggling not to clap, which was against the rules and breaking out in mirth full laughter.

There will be another debate tomorrow,that of women representative which will be held at Radio Jangwani station.

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