Doctors in Marsabit County have called on the county government to pay them their salary arrears or else they will not go back to work.

In an interview with Sifa FM Marsabit, the doctors’ representative Steven Sereti said that the government has refused to pay them despite the fact that the national government gave the money required to pay the doctors for the three months they were on strike.

The 26 doctors from Moyale, Kalacha and Laisamis reported that the county government has been working with the propaganda that doctors in the county do not face any challenges in their day to day responsibilities.

Steven Sereti said that their efforts to table their grievances with the county officials have been thwarted. He added that other doctors across the nation have been paid.

According to the agreement between the national government, the governors’ committee and the doctors, doctors were supposed to  be paid from January this year. The doctors claimed that they have proof that the county has received the money needed to pay them from the national government.

They also complained that doctors in Marsabit County aredenied the chance to further their medical education.

It should be noted that in an interview with Sifa FM Marsabit last year on 9th November, the CEC for health,Mr Stephen Labarakwe ,said that the health sector is trying to protect the people’s taxes through dialogue with the doctors so as to put in place strategies to further their studies without affecting service delivery. However, doctors have insisted that they will not go back to work unless they are paid. Their strike is fuelled by the lack of salary increment.

This occurred a few days after the County senator Godana Harugura criticized the Health sector for failing to carry out their responsibilities and campaigning for Governor Ukur Yattani instead.

By the time of reporting, a consensus had not yet been reached after the meeting between the doctors, the county secretary general and the CEC for health. The meeting failed to bear fruit.

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