Marsabit County Deputy Governor Omar Ditches Governor Ukur And Joins His Rival Abshiro


Marsabit County Deputy Governor Omar Abdi Ali has stated that the governor betrayed him.

He claimed that the governor has not involved him in meetings concerning the selection of Yattani’s running mate for the upcoming August general elections.

Speaking at a rally where he publicized his move from Yattani’s camp to that of Mohammed Mahmud Ali(Abshiro) at the Burji Cultural Centre in Marsabit town.

Omar added that Yattani has betrayed the Burji community as a whole. The deputy governor also claimed that Governor Yattani has been sending people to convince him to go back to the governor’s team but his decision to move is solid.

Omar asked his supporters to support Abshiro in the upcoming general elections so that they can defeat Ukur Yattani.

Omar Abdi Ali said that the Burji community made a huge mistake by joining REGABU in the 2013 general elections. He added that they were not going to make the same mistake this year.

The move by Omar Abdi Ali was well received by the Marsabit count gubernatorial contestant by the Jubilee ticket, Mohammed Mahmud Ali, alias Abshiro.

Omar was also received by Solomon Gubo who is Abshiro’s running mate, Senator Godana Harugura and Women Representative Contestant, Safia Sheikh Adan.

Abshiro swore to lead the Marsabit people diligently by developing the county. Speaking at the Burji Cultural Centre, Abshiro expressed his joy at the Burji community’s decision to support his quest to lead the county.

Abshiro promised the county residents that his leadership will bring with it efficient services in all sectors. He pointed out that Ukur Yattani’s leadership has failed to effectively develop the county. He said that under his leadership, the education sector will be improved, water shortages will be a thing of the past and he will ensure the construction of a fish factory in Loiyangalani among other development projects.

The second time gubernatorial contestant after ,losing his bid in the 2013 general elections ,said that the people of Marsabit County will taste the fruits of devolution once he gets into power without worrying about biasness.

He informed the people that he will put into place special strategies that will take care of all development issues so as to boost the county, something that the current governor has failed to do.

Omar Abdi Ali backed Abshiro’s statement strongly condemning governor Ukur Yattani for running the county individually without involving him.

He claimed that the governor directly dealt with the hiring and firing of staff stating that Yattani did not follow the right protocol when carrying out these responsibilities. The deputy governor said that chief officers and CECs in county departments had power or say but to follow Yattani’s bidding.

He added that there was poor use of public funds which ended up in few people’s pockets.

Amidst all the accusations, Omar Abdi Ali said that he did not have a personal vendetta against Ukur Yattani. His problem with the governor was his poor leadership skills.

HOwever,It should be noted that in the past, Omar Abdi Ali was at the forefront to defend governor Yattani’s leadership. He has been quoted severally saying he was a good leader.

He was once quoted saying that he was ready to support governor Yattani if he was to run for the presidential seat in 2022.

Women Representative contestant, Ms Safia Sheikh Adan said that she knows the challenges that face women in the county and she was ready to solve them once she is given the chance.

In his defence, Governor Ukur Yattani said that he has done so much for the Burji community since his ascent to power in 2013. He therefore warned them from supporting his opponent in the coming general elections. He asked that the REGABU’s unity prevail even in the political heat in the county.

Omar Abdi Ali’s move is expected to shake up the political balance in the county especially after governor Yattani’s move to appoint Hassan Marsa as his running mate.

Mr Solomon Gubo asked the people to take photographic evidence of county officials carrying out campaigns for the governor since that is against the Kenyan law.

Godana Harugura backed Solomon by adding that Yattani is using public resources to campaign for himself in different parts of the county.

He challenged the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the claims and take action according to the law if they are proven to be true. He also advised leaders to refrain from dividing the county residents even as they campaign for the August general elections.

Among those present at the meeting were Burji elders including Ibrahim Ala ,Bale Shamo and Nairobi business man Mohamed Chute.


Courtesy @Sifa FM

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