Dear Mama


Dear mama, the sounds of your name makes me stammer, my voice a nail yours a hammer
Fixing my problem, taking blames for all I did, the act I can never repay
How longer will you care mama, how much more pain will you bear?
If only words will be gold , then I have more than enough to shower you with
Hold on tight, she said, its gonna be alright , when she knew deep down nothing was fine
Mama is full, eat it all, a lie she tells to cover the food isn’t enough, then she laughs
Her tired eyes, her wrinkling face, her fading smile something I am observing for a while
Thinking we wont notice all the pretence she is staging to keep us believing she is strong and never aging
Mama are you crying ? no it’s the stupid allergies but I know dad yelled, dad pissed you, she is in pain, dad broke her down again
Mama you are lying , mama you keep denying . mama please tell you are fine
She will wipe away the tears , wave away all my fears, that’s my mama dear
She will walk over to bedroom, tired, but still we will hear noise coming , we will know they are fighting for mama is crying
She will come out smiling , telling us a lie everything is fine as we watch dad throw pillow on the floor and shut the door
Dad is having trouble , she defends to the end , and why take it on you I would ask and she will tell me I am the wife its my task
And I wonder all night if marriage is just a blunder to inflict pain on my mother
And the following day she will wake up all smily and timely ,
Dear mama , which word best describe you I don’t know
Selfless, relentless, you are the vase for a flower we are, you are working hard to groom us in a room full of hate and tears
You stayed when you had better way out , your cries not so loud for are not allowed to know , so she thinks
Now that I am all grown I wanna crown you, please let me live for you, paint your skies blue , let you believe each pain you endured was worth it all
For she is the first to call when I am in trouble, all the right words she hers to make me feel comfortable
Like I have a paradise in a bloody world , and its right where you are ma’
Your love goes deeper than I know, I am just fool if I say I understood
All that you are , all that goes in your head when I am not home
I wont promise to be a lesser pain, for pain is what you felt when you bore me
Look how well you brought us up, how hard you tried to make the family intact
How much you insisted we forgive, for you believed in love we can never see
Hang in there for me mama, don’t age too quickly , my children’s children will love to meet you
Scare you at nights, laugh and hold you tight , hear the tales you will tell
Promise me you wont go . if you do then let me know
For you are mine and I yours
And there is no greater love than that of yours.

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