The Burjis Are United And Will Support Mahmud Ali Says Mohamed Chute

Businessman Mohamed Chute

Speaking for the Burji Community, Adan Ali, Macho Jaldo and Mohammed Chute said that the Burji community is united. In an interview with Sifa FM, the three said that the rumours being spread about the division of the community are just that, rumours.

Emphasizing on the unity of the community, Adan Ali said that the Burji community is working hand in hand with all the communities in Marsabit County in terms of development issues without focusing on ethnic lines. Adan Ali added that the community unanimously agreed to support Mohammed Mahmud Ali’s political team in the August general elections because they believe they will bring them change.

Adan’s words were backed by Macho Jaldo who pointed out that the misunderstanding among the community members does not signify any rift among them. He insisted that the community will stand strong together and continue cooperating with other communities in the county for the benefit of the future generation. Macho urged the people to vote for leaders in terms of their policies and performance in previous positions.

Meanwhile, deputy governor Omar Abdi Ali’s move to Mohammed Mahmud Ali’s political camp has set back Ukur Yattani’s REGABU which won the 2013 election. This is according to the three Burji leaders. Mohammed Chute said that REGABU has lost its political strength. Unlike in 2013, the Burji, Rendille and Gabra communities have deflected their support to Abshiro’s political bid to be the county’s Governor. Mr. Chute advised governor Yattani to accept the obvious loss REGABU has faced and the consequent loss of his position.

Mohammed Chute’s claims were refuted by REGABU chairman; Jacob Ekale who pointed out that the coalition was still strong. In an earlier interview with Sifa FM Marsabit, the KNUT secretary general in Marsabit Lufle Gambare said that there was no way REGABU would lose.

In the meantime, Ukur Yattani has been advised by Mohammed Chute to ready all the financial records for the public funds he received from the national government before the general election. Chute said that by 9th August 2017, they will have financial auditors to go through the county accounts so as to ascertain how Ukur Yattani used the public funds.

Chute asked Yattani to prepare psychological for his departure for the county offices because the people of Marsabit will vote for somebody else as their governor. He pointed out that the people will vote in Mohammed Mahmud Ali, former NHIF chairman who will beat Yattani with 30 thousand votes. Chute added that Yattani will need a miracle to get even 18 thousand votes in the election. He said that Abshiro’s government will put in place strategies to deal with drought as well as enhance the business sector through Wajir road.

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