Bring Ahmed Back To Marsabit



Residents want Ahmed the elephant Returned.

Residents of Marsabit have expressed their wish for the famed great tusker Ahmed the elephant returned to Marsabit where he lived and died 39 years ago.

A fiberglass replica of Ahmed is a major attraction at the Nairobi National Museum but the county is not earning any revenue from the tourists  visiting the elephant.

The residents expressed this  on a live radio interview on SIFA fm to KWS warden Mr. peter,  who promised to follow up on the matter.

Ahmed can be an emblem of Marsabit County and the image be a revenue earner and a tourist attraction.

Today being the world wildlife day, the call comes at an opportune time and is in line with this year’s theme  “The future of wildlife is in our hands”, with African and Asian elephants being the main focus of global

In commemoration of the day KWS is holding an open day at the Stadium in Marsabit. Where they will among other things take questions from the public and give answers.

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