Book Launch in Marsabit.


Book :- “The Journey To Self Realization”

Author:- John Abdub Wako

Genre: Motivational

Day & Date:- Saturday, 19th May

Venue:- Marsabit Catholic Hall

Time:- 2pm

Come one come all…

Grab a copy at 350/- only and can be found at Marsabit Catholic Bookshop after the book launch.

Every soul in this world is destined for greatness and a purpose to achieve. But how many of us do what is required to be there?
We either loose hope on the way or totally have no confidence on ourselves to achieve what we aspire.
The secret of success is confidence in ourselves and by acting upon what we plan to do. I have explained all this in my 2 books :- “My success my choice” and the “The Journey to self realization” where our choices determine what or how we become by our actions and the journey to self realization helps bring out the confidence in oneself to move to greater heights.
Decide today on who and how you want to become and act upon the plans you have whether you are capable or not. You only realize you can until you are on the move that’s when you can add momentum.

John Abdub Wako is a student and an Author of 2 books. He wants to bring out the best out of the Northern area, that ‘Yes’ we have the brains and power to do what others do because our minds are never marginalized again. The North is on the move.
He aspires to become the President of Kenya one day.

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