7 Best Nutrients For Weight Gain

Some of the basic things you need to know about eating and best nutrients for weight gain. When it comes to gaining weight, best nutrients for weight gain is one of the key things that will make it, or break it.

Unlike a lot of other people, that can pile on the pounds if they simply don’t watch what they eat, hard gainers have a tough time putting on any weight even if they do eat like a fat guy.

The basic principle is the more and the healthier you eat, the better your weigh gaining journey will go. Here is a list of things you need to know about your diet before you can start bulking up.

Best Nutrients For Weight Gain

Best nutrients for weight gain
Best nutrients for weight gain

Calories in, calories out. You need to be consuming more calories then your body needs. Your body requires the extra energy and the best nutrients for weight gain from the food to be able to grow new tissue.

The amount of calories will be different for everyone, but as a general guide, if you take your bodyweight in pounds, multiply it by twenty and add another 100 to 200 calories you should have the average amount of calories you need to be consuming.

This is just a rough estimate and if you have an active lifestyle you may need more. Keep checking that scale and if it hasn’t budged in a week, add another 250-500 calories.

Macro Nutrient ratio. For the caloric excess to be the most effective, you need to be consuming a good balance of macro best nutrients for weight gain.

Those are carbohydrates, proteins and fats. A rough guide is to have about 35-45% of your calories come from carbohydrates, 25-35% of your calories need to come from protein and the remaining 20-30% to be coming from fat.

Healthy Sources. The healthier the food you eat is, the more value your body will get out of it. Imagine it like getting two books, both full of information on a subject.

One of them is full of fluff and babble, while the other one is full of very useful information that is relevant to your interest or goal. Which one do you think will benefit you the most? Whole natural food is the best way to go.

Nutrition guide to gain weight
Nutrition guide to gain weight


Start reading the labels. Just because a food is labeled sugar free or made for diets, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Any processed food isn’t perfect for you. As Jack Lalanne once said: “if man made it, don’t eat it, if it tastes good, spit it out.”

The man is 94, still exercises every day and did some amazing feats of fitness when he was 70. At first you probably won’t know what to look for, what’s good for you and what’s not. Just get used to reading the labels and looking at every food for it’s functionality, soon enough you’ll start realizing which foods, do what, to your body.

Obviously try to stay away from the sugary, pre made junk food. However if you just can’t get all your calories from the healthy sources it might be a good idea to turn to some unhealthy options. As long as your diet is based of healthy foods, having some unhealthy food to catch up on those calories will be better then nothing.

Consistency. It is very important not to skip meals and have a consistent stream of best nutrients for weight gain going into your system all the time. If you have no choice – eat junk food. But try to not eat it all at once, and maybe split it into a few portions and eat them with a bit of time in between.

Second Best

Frequency. Start eating more frequently. If you can only get 3 meals a day, make sure that those are big meals. Also have a good snack between each meal. I love having smoothies. Eating every 3 hours is the advised. Try and have 4 to 6 meals a day if you can, if not, snack ALOT!

Vitamins and minerals. Often overlooked by a lot of people, but may be the most important factor in gaining weight. Make sure you get them from things like fruit and vegetables, suplements and multivitamins are very inferior. They say you need 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

I say stuff that. Aim for like 20. The more the better. 5 should be your bear minimum. Again I recommend smoothies. Look at it this way, if you don’t get the vitamins and minerals, your body will simply flush all those calories you’re eating down the toilet.

Water. Very important, you need to be drinking loads of it. Aim for at least 3 liters of pure H2O a day. If your urine isn’t clear then have a big glass or two. I usually drink my water from a pint glass. I have one before and one after each meal. I also drink a lot throughout the day.

Those are some of the very basic things you need to know. I have so much information to share I could literally write a book on some of the points up there. The books I have listed on the right explain this stuff in a lot more detail and give you the exact things you need to be eating in exact quantities. Check them out.

Myths About Nutrition

Not eating gain weight
Not eating gain weight

You happen to hear sometimes all sorts of rumors about best nutrients for weight gain, rumours that make us wonder about the way that we eat. Various questions are on the lips of those concerned with best nutrients for weight gain and silhouette: it is good to adopt a diet without fat, we lose weight easier if we give up one meal, peel is rich in vitamins … Is that really so?

The peel of a fruit is the richest in vitamins?

FALSE: vitamins and other best nutrients for weight gain are found in maximum concentration in flesh. That does not mean you have to throw the peel. Its fibers serve as intestinal stimulus, and a diet containing fibers can help prevent constipation.

If we need calcium, is it enough to eat dairy products?

FALSE: It is true that dairy products are an important source of calcium. But to reap the benefits of calcium, you should avoid eating dairy foods in combination with:

  • Tomatoes, spinach or berries. They contain oxalic acid, which, in combination with dairy, form calcium oxalate, favoring the formation of so-called “kidney stones”;
  • High-fiber cereals and legumes. These contain fitic acid and such combinations lead to the formation of calcium phytate, which eliminate calcium from the intestine, thus depriving the body of precious minerals.

Vegetarian diet has no contraindications?

FALSE: It is true that vegetarian diet reduces the risk for many serious diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity). However, eating vegetarian food, if not balanced, may lead to deficiencies of calcium, iron, vitamin B 12 and D. If these vitamins and minerals are missing and are not compensated by dietary supplements, they will have serious consequences on health, particularly among children, pregnant women, people with intense physical activity or chronic.

Should we avoid all the foods that contain fat?

FALSE: The decision to eliminate all fat from food is wrong. Fats are a group of best nutrients for weight gain that should not miss the daily diet because they improve the taste of food, but , even more, they give the body the nutritional intake that is needed. Fats are an important source of energy and help to assimilate the vitamins A, D, E, K in food.

Do we lose weight easier if we skip the breakfast?

FALSE: Scientific studies have shown that the risk of obesity is higher among those who avoid having breakfast, because they will eat foods in larger quantities in the second half of the day, when their bodies do not burn so many calories.

Eating healthy is less tasty and not as diverse?

FALSE: It is true that there are certain types of food that we should avoid, but a balanced diet is based primarily on variation precisely. No need to remove food that you like from the menu, but also don’t let that be the only thing you eat. It is known that excess of any nature, leads to imbalance.

A change for the better regarding eating habits involves experimentation with new recipes, and often consumption of vegetables and fruits. You should not eat only veggies, but you should not make a habit of enjoying the so-called “junk food”, also. With a bit of imagination and effort, there can be a delight to every meal.

We need a large amount of protein to develop muscle mass?

FALSE: To develop your muscles you need to exercise, not to eat foods rich in protein. An excess of protein will be digested and converted to body fat, not muscle. Furthermore,the excess of proteins in the form of food or supplements, can overwhelm the kidneys and may increase the need for water in the body.

Avoiding a meal helps us lose weight?

FALSE: This option favors just accumulating more pounds. Depriving the body of its best nutrients for weight gain creates a state of alert. You will do nothing but eat more than the next meal. Rather than starving yourself, it is better to eat less at one meal, but more often.

CONCLUSION? There are many misconceptions related to best nutrients for weight gain. It is important to be informed and to distinguish between truths and myths to make choices for our bodies.

Basically, the article on best nutrients for weight gain can be a reference for you to live a healthier life. Finally, we have come to the end of the article that discusses the best nutrients for weight gain. Stay positive

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