The Marsabit County Assembly will prioritize important bills among them the approval of the 2017/2018 financial year budget.

Speaking to Sifa FM Marsabit after the swearing in of the Members of the County Assembly, the speaker Mathew Loltome said that they are expected to approved the 2017/2018 budget in their next sitting on the 13th of September.

The speaker said that they will ensure that a bill is passed for the provision of officers at village levels who will work with the national government in ensuring security in the county.

The County Assembly will also prioritize bills that will deal with disasters such as drought and other emergency issues. In addition, the speaker said that the first county assembly avoided MCA trips abroad due to challenges brought about by the 2013 post-election violence in Moyale. Speaker Loltome expressed his hope to run for parliament in the future as he was advised against it in the last general elections.

Meanwhile, the Members of County Assembly expressed their joy at being elected. They said that they have a vision of changing and improving the lives of the Marsabit people. Miss Sadia Araro who is a nominated MCA said that the current county assembly will straighten issues and ensure that the county government carries out developmental projects. She mentioned water, youth and women as some of the issues that will be prioritized. The youngest MCA in the assembly, Miss Femina Hussein, expressed her hope to work towards the success of the county. The 24 year old MCA who was voted in through PNU hopes to grow politically.

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