Allotment letters issued to Nagayo and Manyatta Chille Residents.


(County headquarters,Marsabit Central,Nagayo Location. Saturday 03/02/2018)

Today Governor Mohamud M. Ali oversaw the distribution of 240 allotment letters to the residents of Nyayo Road and Manyatta Chille villages. This comes as a relief for the residents who had been neglected for the last five years on this emotive issue whose land tenure system was under leasehold. Led by the area committee chairman, Mwalimu Abdi Anno, who on behalf of the residents thanked Governor Ali for honoring their pleas and moving expeditiously to put this matter to rest.

“We have had Governments even before where we severally raised this issue to but unfortunately it all landed on deaf ears,though you are yet to fully settle in office, we are yet to see any leader who can match your commitments when it comes to the cry of the poor and commoners,the people of Nyayo Road and Manyatta Chille will forever remain indebted to your Government” Said Mwalimu Anno. Heeding to their clarion call, Governor Ali promised to settle Ksh.2 million as the total cost for obtaining title deeds for those issued with allotment letters on this.

Governor Ali underscored the importance of a land document and urged the locals to use it to secure collateral funds available for investment.

“Letters of allotment are used to process title deeds which can be used as a collateral to secure loans,thereby increasing the funds available for investment” Governor Ali Said.

Through the land adjudication department which is responsible for ascertaining and recording of rights and interests of community land and eventual preparation of title deed’s, the county government has achieved adjudication in Jirime and Songa/Kituruni and the issuance of title deeds is ongoing. Also demarcation of Badassa, Hulahula, Huri hills and Karare adjudication is ongoing. Other proposed adjudication sections include Odda, Uran and Anona.

While regretting lack of unchecked development and settlements around the town, Governor Ali promised that his government, through the physical planning sector will prepare a physical development plan,develop control and enforcement of compliance to development plans to promote orderly settlement and growth of our urban areas.

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