Marsabit’s senatorial contestant by the KANU ticket Galgallo Abagaro has been advised to give up on his bid to win the seat in the coming general elections. This advice comes from the gubernatorial contestant by the Jubilee ticket Mohammed Mahmud Ali. Abshiro stated that he was ready to hire Abagaro once he becomes governor.

Galgallo Abagaro however turned down Abshiro’s offer and promised to contest to the very end. Speaking to Sifa FM through the phone, Abagaro said that in case he loses in the August 8th elections, he was not willing to work for Abshiro.

The senatorial contestant claimed that the efforts to lure him out of the race would not work. Abagaro called on citizens to come out in large numbers and vote for him on 8th August to ensure his victory.

Meanwhile, Women Representative Jubilee contestant Miss Safia Sheikh Adan warned her opponents against underestimating her political prowess. Speaking at a ‘Team Kayo’ campaign tour in Moyale sub-county, Safia Sheikh Adan said that she is more qualified than all her opponents to serve as the Marsabit’s Women Representative.

She said that her experience in different leadership positions makes her better placed to serve the women of Marsabit. She pointed out that her main aim is to transform women’s lives, youth and the less fortunate in the society once she is elected on August 8th.

Safia emphasized on the fact that she is more empathetic to the county people’s situation compared to the other six contestants.

Naomi Jillo gave up her ambition to run as women representative to join Team Kayo.

The county deputy governor Omar Abdi Ali said that his decision to defect from Ukur Yattani’s team was from the fact that he had foreseen the falling of Yattani’s reign since 2014.

It should be known that merely some months ago before leaving Yattani’s wing, Omar Abdi Ali was on the frontline in praising Ukur Yattani’s governorship. He was once quoted saying that Yattani was enough to run for presidency come 2022.

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