Speech by Mohamud Ali after Election Petition Ruling.



19th February, 2018 – MARSABIT TOWN

Mohamud Mohamed Ali, Marsabit County Governor

The Great People of Marsabit,

The High Court sitting in Marsabit has delivered its verdict on the matter of the petition challenging my election as the Governor of Marsabit. We are happy that the Court has upheld my election as declared by the IEBC on the 11th of August 2017 as the true reflection of the will of the People.
As we accept the verdict of the Court, I wish to assure all the People of
Marsabit that the High Court ruling is not a victory just for me and my
supporters. It is a victory for all the People of Marsabit from Moyale Sololo, Saku-Laisamis to North-Horr and Ileret who turned up on the 8th
of August 2017, remained calm and peaceful, and waited in long queues
for many hours, to exercise their democratic rights.

There are myriads of problems facing us as a people. This is the time for
us all to come together and work to find solutions to the challenges that
confront us as people and as a County. We must now put the dispute behind us and iron out our differences, ease the tensions among us, and come together to build our County.

On my part I want to assure you all, including those who did not vote
for me then, and even those who went to court to challenge the validity
of my election, that the KAYO Government is your Government too.
I will work with, and serve all the People of Marsabit without any
discrimination whatsoever.

As you are all aware, the Petitioner, Amb Ukur Yattani who was one of
my worthy competitors in the last year’s Elections has been appointed as
a Cabinet Secretary. Whilst my fellow Marsabit County leaders and I
have expressed our reservations, our President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, in his wisdom has maintained his decision to appoint Amb Ukur to the
Cabinet. Consequently, the President’s decision brings finality to all reservations there could be.

I call upon all the leaders from across the entire political divide to now
rise above the political partisanship and join hands in building a United,
Prosperous and Cohesive Marsabit county.

I am most grateful to my fellow leaders and supporters for their
unflinching support and belief in me. My gratitude also goes to the
Lawyers and the technical team for their unbelievable hard work and sacrifices. I am grateful to all the many volunteers who spent days and
nights working on the Petition materials, entering data, photocopying documents, and labeling exhibits for the Petition.

Time is NOW to Make Marsabit Ours All
May God bless Marsabit County.

H.E Hon Mohamud Ali
Governor, Marsabit County

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