Laisamis ward Member of County Assembly Muhamud Kochale has said that thirty percent of the Lake Turkana Wind Power project’s income should benefit Marsabit County.

Speaking to Sifa FM, Kochale said that the people of Marsabit should be given 10 percent from the project’s income every financial year while the county government 20 percent. The MCA said that as a leader, he will make sure that the rights of Laisamis residents are preserved.

IN line with that, Kochale has submitted a motion to the parliament as well as presented in  a case to the court to ensure that the locals get their rights especially in connection to their land.

He added that the 110 acres of land being used by the Lake Turkana Wind Power Company should be returned to the people of Loiyangalani.

His statements come only a week after the decision made by a judge in Meru court to dismiss the case against the continuation of the Lake Turkana Wind Power project was appealed.

In a campaign bid, Muhamud Kochale said that when re-elected, he will ensure that issues such as land ownership, improvement of livestock markets and supply of clean water for both human and livestock consumption are implemented.

He added that he will also ensure that the interests of women and youth are addressed as well as ensuring the elderly receive their money through the Cash Transfer program.

Speaking to Sifa FM Marsabit about his manifesto, Kochale said that as a lawmaker in the county government, he will push for bills that will improve the lives of the people in his ward.

Among the bills he intends to push for are those that will put in place land acts which will benefit people without title deeds and ensure the rich do not oppress the poor through land grabbing.

For pastoralists, Kochale said that he will ensure that laws are passed for the construction of livestock markets where livestock will be slaughtered and the meat exported to countries like Saudi Arabia.

Photo Courtesy: BunoPhotography

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